"El Fuego Your Fridays" With Dollhouse & Terminator

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Friday nights will be rocking with the "Dames Of Deception" on Fox.  "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" (with Eliza Dushku) are making plans to spend Friday nights at your house. 

I liked the first season of Terminator.  I am a little behind (thankfully my DVR is helping out).  I do like Eliza Dushku.  I haven't been 100% sold on the premise of "Dollhouse."  I am willing to give it a chance because of Dushku and because Joss Whedon is responsible. 

What concerns me is the fact that both shows are on Friday nights.  It brings to mind, shows like "Firefly" or even "Dark Angel" that ended up dying on Fridays at Fox.  This little trailer does make things look interesting.  Bravo to whoever wrote it.  Not your standard [boring] Fox promo.

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I am worried that Dollhouse will be similar to My Own Worst Enemy. Something along the lines of her subconscious fighting with the active personality. I want to watch it, I just can't imagine how many storylines they can come up with. Then again I am not a writer, I am a watcher. I have stuck by Fringe and that show is odd...

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is kickass show! Glad it is back. Only issue I have with this line up. Battlestar Galactica comes on at 10:00 pm est and conflits with one of these shows.

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I was thinking MY OWN WORST ENEMY too.  I like Christian Slater but I didn't even check out one episode.  The shows are also competing with Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Clone Wars and also Nick Toons' Wolverine and the X-Men.  Sure they may not be the exact same audience but there could be some carry over that will have to choose.

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Doh! I forgot about Wolverine and the X-men. I watched 3 or 4 episodes of My Own Worst Enemy and in my opinion it just kept getting worse as it went. Good pilot but down hill from there. Keep figures cross the same doesn't happen with Dollhouse.

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You just brought up what I was going to say. lol I already have to decide between Batman & Wolverine (which sucks) now they put Dollhouse on thee same night. Honestly with the track record Joss seems to have on tv lately I'm going to stick with Batman. It's such a crappy time slot, why couldn't it be on Wednesdays?

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Wasn't Tuesdays when Buffy and Angel were on?

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American Idol sucks. 
I think so, Tuesday would be good to.

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Sucks or not FOX would never give up that slot for anything else. Idols rating are too massive...

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I like music and all but I can't devote the time to watching American Idol anymore.  I gave up on Fringe so I have nothing to watch on Tuesdays.  HEAR THAT FOX?

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I always meant to watch Fringe but always got distracted by something else, usually warcraft, guess i didn;t miss much.

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Did anyone watch "Dollhouse"?  I haven't yet (it's dvr'd).  All I'm seeing is the the ratings weren't so great (and that Terminator's has dropped).  Is this really a surprise?  Terminator's ratings have been rising but look what happens when you move the show to Fridays.  The real indicator for "Dollhouse" will be next week's ratings.  Usually shows' ratings dropped after the pilot episode.  If they do go down, things won't look good (and Eliza better hope she can get the Black Widow gig).

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