Am I the only one who is super pissed at Fox???

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First they cancel Firefly. THE BEST SHOW EVER and they cancel it. I don't know what kind of drugs they had to be on to make a decision like that. They could of earned big heaping piles of money with that show. But what do they do instead? They cancel it! And now e find out thy are canceling dollhouse too!? Do they hate Joss Weadon!?

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A lot of times sci fi geek shows get put on Friday nights. Since most people go out and don't watch t.v. that night, they get poor ratings and canceled.

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I believe they are just jealous of his genius. lol. 
What Joss should do is go to actual drama channels like AMC or SyFy (which I pronounce "see-fee" because I believe it should still go by SciFi.)
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I think some of you people here are pretty biased in regards to Whedon. The reason that Firefly and Dollhouse were canceled is because not enough people watched them. It's just that simple. It's not some twisted conspiracy.
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Fox is now in my rouges gallery, you're not alone

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