C2E2 2010: Joshua Hale Fialkov

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Dood, that guy in the background bumping into the Tumor display totally video-bombed it. 
Also, I remember when they had the first four issues as free PDF files to read.  I loved what I had read, and I need to finish that story.  Where can I go to order one of those limited edition versions? 
Great interview, and thanks for making it happen!!! 
Am I SERIOUSLY the only one commenting?  Are people not reading Failkov's stuff?  TUMOR IS AMAZING!  Great noir stuff, and he's got a very unique voice with his other works.  I'm saddened that more people aren't saying something about this guy.

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He sure spent a lot of time not answering that last question. lol
I can understand. It must be hard to pick a favorite.

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