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Much about Joshua's past is unknown, but shortly after Tal'Set had defeated the Campaigner, the warrior had decided on the Chronoscepter's fate. Turok then decided to dispose of the weapon via, throwing the weapon into an active volcano. This would prevent the artifact from being used ever again, but would also be the cause of a violent earthquake all across The Lost Land.

This shockwave would awaken the Primagen, who had previously been put into a deep slumber by the Lazarus Concordance. The elders then decided that a new Turok must be chosen to take on the new foe, and thus Joshua would be their next choice.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Joshua is sent on his first mission and is sent through a portal, where he is greeted by an extraterrestrial woman known as Adon, the Speaker of Forever Light. The woman informs the new Turok of her purpose to him, and gives a briefing of the Primagen. Adon then sends the warrior to the Port of Adia, which is under attack by the Dinosoid Army.

Adon provides an informative briefing on the Primagen and his main objective to destroy the Energy Totems, wiping out the Lost Land and Earth. The extraterrestrial further explains that she will provide Joshua with objectives to help further his mission on along the journey.

While Joshua Fireseed finally confronts the Primagen, Adon supervises their battle but is stopped for a moment when she feels a dark presence approaching her.

This entity causes a feeling of dread and terror to wash over Adon. Soon after the encounter, she scanned its energy signature. Unfortunately she was not able to gain any other information on the force, other than the fact that its signature was beyond any other fundamental force.

Adon explains to Joshua that she had picked up traces of the Turok lineage with this force, and that whatever it was, the Fireseed family had dealt with it before.

"I have been unable to identify the force which conspired against you during your battle with the Primagen. Its form eluded me. While I searched, a feeling of dread washed over me, a feeling unlike any that I have ever experienced. There is a natural balance in the cosmos between that which we define as good and that we which know as evil, light and dark, order and chaos.

Although I have been unable to gain any specific knowledge of this being, its energy signature feels as if it exists beyond either fundamental force. And one other thing, Joshua: each time I scanned this entity's signature I also detected the energies of the Turok lineage as well. Whatever it is, your ancestors have dealt with it before."

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

Two years have passed since the events of Seeds of Evil, and Joshua now lives with his younger siblings, Danielle and Joseph Fireseed. Joshua awakening from a nightmare, which included the warrior saving an unknown child from Oblivion Spawn. This prompts Joshua to utter, "It's coming".

The following night, a portal opens up and a group of Oblivion Spawn sneak into Joshua's bedroom while he sleeps. Just as they are about to attack, Joshua surprises them and kills 3 of the spawn. Joshua continues to fight the spawn but is outnumbered, soon Danielle and Joseph wake up and notice the scuffle. Joshua then tells the pair to leave immediately, but is shot by a spawn.

Joshua, weakened, tells the siblings to leave once more. Danielle and Joseph say their last goodbyes to Joshua, and speed off in a truck. Joshua stays behind and uses a timed grenade to dispose of the spawn, and dies in the blast. Joshua is presumed dead.

Danielle and Joseph eventually locate and defeat Oblivion, but a small fragment of his body is seen still alive and begins crawling away. The pair then chases the "essence" of Oblivion deep in the headquarters.

Once they track down the fragment, the "essence" is no where to be found in the room. Instead, they find Joshua, much to Danielle and Joseph's shock. Danielle is about to approached their revived brother, but Joseph holds her back as Joshua begins to taunt the pair in the voice of Oblivion.

Meaning that the fragment is taking on the appearance of Joshua to fool the siblings. The siblings then engage in battle with the doppelganger and are able to defeat the essence. Joshua then coughs up the essence of Oblivion, revealing that he never died in the explosion. Oblivion simply kept his body as a host, and would use it against the siblings.

Joshua apologizes to his siblings that he had given them his false visions of a child. The warrior then explains to Danielle that there still is a child; Danielle's child. Revealing that Danielle was pregnant with Brian's offspring sometime before his death. Fireseed then says his final goodbyes to his loved ones and dies, with Danielle and Joseph at his side.

Throughout the story, Adon is seen trying to find ways to revive Joshua. The extraterrestrial has been picking up traces of Joshua's spirit, still alive and well. Adon believes that the former Turok is not truly dead, and seeks a way to save him.

The Council of Voices take notice of Adon's observation, and explain that she is "playing her part perfectly". They also begin to worry that Adon may find out about their "true purpose".

When Adon confronts the Council, they state that she must not save Joshua. The extraterrestrial becomes confused and frustrated upon hearing this news. She then steps down from her position, and leaves to save Joshua.

The Council of Voices later replace Adon with Yvree, the new Speaker of Forever Light. They ask Yvree about Adon's obsession with Joshua and she states that Adon loves Joshua. The Council tells Yvree that she must stop Adon, and to prepare herself. Yvree responds with, "Of course, Council."

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