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Josh Jackham is the son of Mark Mardon, the Weather Wizard, and Julie Jackham. A depressed Julie had slept with Mardon, unaware that he was, in fact, the Weather Wizard. 

Weather Wizard was not aware of the child until years later when he was informed by Blacksmith, Wanting to know how Josh had internalized his father's weather powers, Weather Wizard tried to kidnap Josh. He was stopped by the Flash, and Detective Morillo. Josh was sent to live with Iris Allen.

Josh was held hostage by Libra to convince the Rogues to join Libra's Secret Society. During the hostage standoff between Weather Wizard and Libra, Inertia intervened, killing the child.

Powers and Abilities

Josh is able to control the weather, but only when his father is nearby. This is mainly manifested in storm clouds and lightning when Josh is crying. Josh also amplifies Weather Wizard's powers.

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