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Josh "Bile" Cantrell was born in Spokane, Washington.  He currently resides in Sumner, Washington and can be found on any given day at Comic Evolution in Puyallup, Washington, home of Creators Edge Press.  Cantrell is one of the founding members of the publishing company and has used it to launch his grusome and suspensful ideas in his series of short stories and graphic novels Nightmares of the Macabre.

Josh's Major influences: 
Hume Nisbet, Edger Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, John Carpenter, Clive Barker, John Grisham. 
"Bile" Cantrell's Favorite Comics:  
Anything that is old EC, The Walking Dead, Dead Ahead, Night of the Living Dead, Jack the Ripper, Nightvale's Cauldron of Terror, Jack the Lantern, pretty much anything that does not have to do with some guy in tights with unlikely superpowers and only using them for good instead of his own personal gain or agenda.    

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