Russell Crowe In Negotiations To Play Jor-El

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You will see the world through my own eyes.... and all that.

I was always struck by a note from Mario Puzo’s early treatment for the original SUPERMAN movies about how, ideally, Jor-El should be played by the same actor as Superman. The father of a hero should’ve been a hero in his own time, right? For that reason, I find Russell Crowe more fitting to the part than even a fine actor like Anthony Hopkins (who was attached to the role for Brett Ratner’s unrealized Superman trilogy.)

Variety’s saying that Crowe’s in negotiations currently to play the man of tomorrow’s pops in Zack Snyder’s upcoming SUPERMAN reboot, THE MAN OF STEEL. Getting a huge name like this for the part had been part of Christopher Nolan’s agenda while he was still godfathering the project. And I suppose “godfathering” is a fitting term to bandy around in this discussion, because Crowe is obviously inherenting the role from Marlon Brando’s memorable turn in the Richard Donner classic. The parallels between the two actors are there. Brando and Crowe are both highly-respected, serious actors with that elusive, volatile animal magnetism and you’d never expect them to star in a superhero movie. Hell, Brando was even around the same age as Crowe is now when he starred in the first SUPERMAN.

When this gets locked, it’ll leave only one more major character remaining to be cast - - Supes’ mother, Lara. Which actress tops the Comic Vine fantasy casting call for that particular role?

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This is the best news I've heard about 'Man of Steel.' I sincerely hope this happens.

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This is awesome news!

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Wow, what an odd choice, a great choice, but odd

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Nate Cosby (NateCosBOOM) just tweeted my favourite comment on this so far:

"Oy! Kal-iL! Oym gonna sind ye t'this plinit whea y'got powas bitta thin otha peepul. Dan't go wearin' y'undies owtside y'pants!" -Jor-El
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Huh, the actors playing Supes' fathers (Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner) both played Robin Hood.  Funny coincidence.

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[Scene Krypton.  House of Jor-El.  They have just brought home newborn Kal-El from the hospital] 
Jor-El:  Goochi Goochi Goo!!! 
Kal-El: meh 
[throws phone and sends baby into outerspace]

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BOO!! BOO!!! not russell crowe! I want Collin firth to play JOR-EL! 
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hmm...nope still not gonna see it.

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IDK about this choice. 

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Michelle Pfweiffer for Lara! Or is she not young enough?
In that case, Nicole Kidman.

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Well then, no genital mutilation for baby Kal-el in that case!

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Hell, you know what? Crowe could play an older Superman. I'm even more ok with this than before.

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Sounds good!! Got a feeling the Man Of Steel is going to be E P I C ! !

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I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think it's probably either inspired or a disaster.

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@SupremoMaximo said:
[Scene Krypton.  House of Jor-El.  They have just brought home newborn Kal-El from the hospital]  Jor-El:  Goochi Goochi Goo!!!  Kal-El: meh  Jor-El:  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!?!  [throws phone and sends baby into outerspace]
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This is epic.

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I don't know, I can't find the interview, but it was around the time of American Gangster, and Russell Crowe was asked about superhero rumors and he made fun of them joking about wearing a cape and spandex like he was too high above it all.
Wish i could fin the interview though.
So I don't know.

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@Cosmic Sentinel said:
I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think it's probably either inspired or a disaster.
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I haven't seen any of Russell's movies so I can't judge yet

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A CG Marlon Brando is the only way to go! Nyehehe!

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dont like him , but will give him a chance
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Nice plug for Virtuosity

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Hmmm...not so sure about this but I'll give it a try. As for who could play Lara Lor-Van, I just don't know who could fit such a role.  That is a tough choice...

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Super awesome!

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Wow...didnt see that coming. 
Thiscould be interesting.
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I like Russell as an actor...even if as a person he's a douche.
regardless why would they pay this guys higher fee for what MUST be a very very SMALL role in the film?
we've seen superman's origin before...if this re-reboot is going to work they need to fucking move beyond that bullshit..and as such Jor-El shouldn't be in it much at why pay for an actor like Crowe? spend that money on better actors for the main roles.  wtf.

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I think it fits well with who's been slated to the film so far as all the parental figures are big talent that haven't really done much in the last few years (box office and award wise) and yet instantly bring out the best in whatever role they are in. 
Plus (and this may be completely unintentional on their part) but Snyder and Nolan seem to be aligning the parental figures pretty well. There is a certain similarity between the characters that Costner and Crowe have played as well as the onscreen presence they both have. So as an audience it won't feel like one father is above or better than the other. They are each going to carry immense weight in their own ways and messages. 
So given Diane Lane is going to play Martha they need to get an actress for Lara Lor-Van who carries a similar intelligent and motherly presence. The first person that comes to mind is Nicole Kidman, who carries herself and speaks in a way that I think would bring some much needed depth and power to Lara.....who is generally been just a small part of Superman's mythos until the recent "Last Family of Krypton" mini-series. In that story we got to see a strong wife to Jor-El and I think this is definitely the version that they should bring into the film. Even though Jor-El and Lara's onscreen time will be short (barring minutes of holographic projections.....which I'm thoroughly against by the way and think they should follow the data tablet idea from Superman: Birthright but with both Jor-El and Lara's voices narrarating different topics) bringing in a powerhouse like Kidman would make the audience remember Lara throughout the film and combined with Crowe as Jor-El would show the greatness of his biological lineage and will combine nicely with the moral upbringing and messages that can be conveyed by Costner and Lane.
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My fantasy casting pick for Lara

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I didn't realize throwing phones was one of Jor-el's super powers.
Also Russell Crowe is the man!

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They could do a Russel Crowe Krypton movie starring Jor-El and I would watch it.

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I'd agree with you but after watching the Spartacus series I don't think I could go into a Superman movie with pure thoughts if you catch my drift
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makin movies.. makin songs..........!!!  russell  crowe fighting round the world!!

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jor-el 6.7

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This is definitely positive!!! No need to compare Russell Crowe to Marlon Brando. Both are great actors in DIFFERENT generations. 
With that said, I still hate Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and General Zod as the main villain.  
As for Lara, I bet Demi Moore can do it without being overshadowed by Russell Crowe.

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They already changed their Jor-El? Didn't they plan to have Kevin Costner or was that Johnathan Kent?
Anyway, I see they're preparing an all-star cast for this movie, they really want it to make some money this time around.

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Well yeah especially after Green Lantern bombs (which by all early reviews its going to). 
Also throwing out another Lara Lor-Van possibility that a guy on Facebook tossed out......Connie Nielson, who played opposite Crowe in Gladiator and was a pretty big name up to about 2005 (loved her in Basic) and I think she'd fit well into this group.
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Why is it always reboots?  Why can't we see some of the later stories?  Or even The Death of Superman?  That'd be an awesome movie or trilogy.

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Throws a phone at the thread

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Because the canon of the earlier films doesn't really work well for continuing a film series given, which was why Superman Returns was supposed to occur after Superman II and completely negate the stories from Superman III and IV 
However Superman Returns brought its own problems with it......mainly Lois being married and her son being the love child of her and Supes. Trying to continue the film franchise from Returns would have to keep the kid and I don't think that was something they were interested in doing. 
So going with an origins story completely rids a new franchise of all the history that came before it and can establish itself as a new timeline ripe for bringing in stories like The Death of Superman. 
My biggest concern is not with the origin story but DC's continued neglect of bridging its characters together. I'm not saying Bale should show up in the batsuit but at least connect these films in some way.
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I wonder if he wants a superman symbol on it.

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Russel Crowe is taking the part for the lulz. He ain't fooling nobody. He knows damn well he just just wants to see what he looks like getting blown up in Zack Snyder 3D.

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Good choice.

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I disagree that Jor-El should be played by someone of heroic stature.  He was more of a scientist than a hero.  Of course, Russel Crowe can pull that off as well (re: A Beautiful Mind).  This is a perfect choice as Brando was there to bring mainstream appeal until the actor became big enough to carry the series himself.  Same scenario here.   
I must lean towards Gretchen Mol for Lara myself. 
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"Kal-El, My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next. But you may call me daddy"

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@Eyz: Costner is going to be Jon Kent, not Jor-El.
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