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Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: 2814
Sector Partner: Service predated sector partners
Homeworld: Earth
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown


Jong Li was actually Earth's first Human Green Lantern, and was a monk raised in the Temple of the Dragon Lords in Feudal China.

When Jong Li was growing up, he was taught of the Dragon Lords, beings who ruled in the "Golden Age" of man, and that under these lords, man prospered. He was taught to renounce all earthly possessions and to live a life of peace and discipline, but then one day an Imperial concubine, Jade Moon, and her infant son came to him in his temple, begging for help in trying to escape her bonds. Jong Li tried to help her but failed, and his temple and fellow monks were ravaged by the emperor's troops and their commander.

Jong Li later encountered one of the Guardians of the Universe who gave him a power ring and a lantern battery to "Oppose Evil, Ease Suffering and Protect the Innocent." Jong Li later rescued Jade Moon and learned of Lung Mountain, where the last Dragon Lords supposedly lived. He set out to seek their higher authority and with their Blessing of Fire became the last Dragon Lord of the Earth, finally defeating the evil emperor's forces and saving his people.

**This was not an Elseworlds tale, but an actual in-continuity story.  Still, not enough information exists to decipher whether Jong-Li's tale takes place before or after that of Yalan Gur.**

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