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Harper joined the COG 6 years after E-Day and fought the locust for 9 long years and participated in 3 major offensives. He fought alongside Michael Barrick as a part of Echo-Nine and contracted Rust Lung after the Lightmass Offensive. During Operation Hollow Storm, Harper was captured and tortured by the locust. He would leave notes on Locust behavior and tactics and encouraged fellow prisoners to escape. While being forced into a coffin like pod he surprised his jailer with a quick punch and proceeded to kill the Locust. Using this opportunity, Harper ran away until being found by Jace Stratton of Alpha-Seven. After taking a dead Gear's armor and Lancer he joined the fight. After fighting his way to the surface with Alpha-Seven, Harper took part in the evacuation of fellow prisoners. He was fatally wounded protecting a mother and her daughter as they boarded. As he died he was just glad to have saved that family and see the sun one last time. Many of his notes would be recovered by Marcus Fenix of Delta-One.

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