Thomas Jane Finally Gets to Play Jonah Hex

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The JONAH HEX movie might not have done that well, but fans will get to see another take on the weird gunslinger with this animated short attached to the BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD DVD that’s coming out in a few weeks. It’s looking like it’s drawing a little more directly from the comics, with talent involved whose names should be familiar to any serious JONAH HEX fan. John R. Lanslade (he of TWO GUN MOJO & RIDERS OF THE WORM AND SUCH) wrote the script off an original story cooked up by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Josh Brolin ain't... er... isn’t actually voicing Hex for this. Instead, it’s Thomas “ The Punisher” Jane. He’ll be joined by soft-spoken tough guy Michael Rooker (who just announced he’ll be in the WALKING DEAD TV show,) Linda “The Original Sarah Connor” Hamilton and Michelle “ Buffy’s lil’ sister, Dawn” Trachtenburg.

I think that’s enough to bring y’all up to speed about this. Why don’t you enjoy this clip from MTV below?  == TEASER ==


Ouch. That grown-up ginger baby done asked for it.

Ever since that PUNISHER game that came out in ’05, I’ve always said that Thomas Jane’s got the perfect gravely bass for voice acting. Somebody get him a regular role on some toon that he can fit in between episodes of HUNG, and soon. He's actually wanted to play Jonah Hex, real bad, for a long time. Splash Page’s even saying he went as far to get photos taking of him in full make-up to try to get the movie role (and you can see that photo above.) One of the perks of these DC Animated shorts, I'd say, is the chance to see not only what could be with these characters, but also what could've been.

It’s hard to judge how Jane’s take compares to Brolin’s based on this clip alone. My gut reaction is that he sounds almost too in-command, here. I always pictured Hex as being more of an oddball kook, myself... not a menacing bad ass. What do you Comic Vine maniacs think? Do you prefer this to what you got in the JONAH HEX movie?

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Michelle Trachtenberg and Thomas Jane are awesome!

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Wait, so there is ANOTHER Jonah Hex movie coming out?

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Ha ha that scene just put the whole live action film to shame! Great stuff, Love Tomas Jane and Trachtenberg, so hopefully this movie is great.

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I hope the reboot Jonah Hex and use Thomas Jane as Jonah because just from the clip and the picture he seems like he was the perfect candidate to wear the scar to begin with.

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@Cherry Bomb said:
"Michelle Trachtenberg is awesome!"

Quoting for truth! 
I'm pretty amped she's in this (also bummed her show got cancelled). Thomas Jane is always awesome, and Michael Rooker is one of those actors so badass he can scare the shit out of me and make me laugh. I'm really excited to watch this. The Showcase the did for The Spectre was a LOT better than the S/B Public Enimes feature. If that's any indication, Jonah Hex should be awesome.
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Yes. We want Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex.
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oh yeah, that looks great. bad ass voice Thomas Jane got. had no idea he wanted to be in the movie. I'd rather see him than Brolin for sure,even if Brolin s got that western look.

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@MemnochZERO said:
" @Cherry Bomb said:
"Michelle Trachtenberg is awesome!"
Quoting for truth!  I'm pretty amped she's in this (also bummed her show got cancelled).
On the plus side, she's going to be returning in the new series of Gossip Girl! [: as Georgina Sparks, I love her on that show.
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july 27 is way too far away...

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Pretty cool
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@GraphicCasualFreak: No, this is a short coming with batman: under the red hood.
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what, so you saw him more like the one portrayed in the Ras Al Ghul episode in BTAS where Hex fights Ras's son?  The voice over was little strange.

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@goldenkey:  Exactly!
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I would have love to have seen Jane play Hex. When I first saw those make up tests he did I think it was last year. I thought he was the perfect for the job. Now I haven't seen the new Hex movie due to hearing how bad it was, but I'm sure Brolin did a fine job. But it seems like maybe Jane was the better man for the role. Just by hearing his voice for Hex sounds perfect. It's very close to how the way Bill McKinney played Hex ,the first man to provide the voice for Jonah in one of the episodes of Batman:TAS. Personally , I would like to see Jonah get his own animated feature film and to see Jane play Hex again. Jane is just a talented talented actor all around. If you can find the movie (good luck at finding it) checkout the movie Thursday. Also stars Aaron Eckhart & Mickey Rourke.  
Here's a clip of the movie and what sold me he could do the Punisher. Only for the mature audiences.    
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The animation looks really good. I'm a Hex fan and am pretty excited for this. It goes without saying, this looks way better than the live action movie trailer.

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@goldenkey said:
" what, so you saw him more like the one portrayed in the Ras Al Ghul episode in BTAS where Hex fights Ras's son?  The voice over was little strange. "
what episode was that? that sounds cool. and ras has a daughter not a son.
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Nice, I'm hoping I can get the Blu-ray of Red Hood on the cheap that first week it's out, I've never looked into any of the Jonah Hex stuff, but what I got from this clip was that he's pretty badass and Thomas Jane's voice seems to really fit the character.

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That was pretty good.

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 episode 78 "Showdown"


What I got from it is that Ra's is old enough to have kids all over. They also had Talia on the series.

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So perfect I wish Jane actually did the movie.
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I like it.  I think the Hex as a badass thing works since that's the way I've usually seen him.  I'm looking forward to hearing more of that voice.

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This looks cool. More incentive to buy this when it comes out.

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i'm way excited for this now!
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Not bad. Just by seeing that clip I can tell this is gonna be better than the movie. lulz

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@GT-Man said:
" Pretty cool "
someone should make a list of people who have played multiple comic characters, 
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@Violet-Eyed Dragon:

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