Jonah Hex TV Spot #1

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Still don't know how I feel about this movie, going to have to wait and see, but at least Josh Brolin is a good actor.

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At least it doesn't contain the part where Megan Fox basically justifies being raped on the grounds that she's attractive...

#3 Posted by Moomin123 (2205 posts) - - Show Bio

This movie looks great, I just hope that the rumours of Hex having superpowers is just a rumour. Like an old tale that the directors put in to make Jonah seem more legendary.
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@obscurefan said:

"Still don't know how I feel about this movie, going to have to wait and see, but at least Josh Brolin is a good actor. "

Kind'a feel the same.   
DC should focus on more of their mainstream heroes. 
I'm going into Jona Hex like I did Blade Trinity...  
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This is going to be such a bad film. I still expect to like it though.

#6 Posted by ProjectGHOST (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah i agree with "Secret identity" above me. I think this movie's gonna get ripped apart at the seems and no one will like it for the sole purpose Megan Fox is in it. But the all-star cast is for sure gonna make this a good summer action flick. I'm lookin forward to it. Maybe it'll be better than Iron Man 2.

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 M Fox is gonna ruin this movie for me at least, it just kills my desire to see this movie. Her and that god awful accent I've seen on the trailers aaarrrgggghhhhh help!

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@Moomin123: No. It's not a rumor, Hex has powers.
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Can we just kill Megan Fox?  Would be best for Hollywood and for the rest of us.

Kill the Fox, save the world.

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This movie looks prettu awesome! Im going to see it 
I would; however, also like to see a trigun live action movie and I think it would be 2x as awesome

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@ILuvMsMarvel: lol xDD
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omg people who dont like megan fox 
get over it 
she aint going anywhere anytime soon so u mite as well stop whining bout her
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Bwa -ha.-ha!!!  This crap's gonna TANK...bad! 
And what is it with Megan fox? She's hot sure, but she sucks as a actress!

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How did DC let this get made yet couldn't get a Wonder Woman script together? 
Either way, this movie will tank and be ripped to shreds by critics & fanboys alike.

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Really? Hmm, well, somehow seem to recall Megan's movies doing pretty well. For all this anti Fox sentiment, I'm assuming no one went and saw Transformers. Guess that explains why it failed in the box it didn't. Anyway, my only real criteria for a movie is, did I enjoy it. If so, it was a good movie. I'm not into ripping stuff apart or trying to find all the flaws. Wish more critics were like that. Still, you might be right, not gonna be a blockbuster, but, hopefully it will do well enough for a sequal.

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I have huge hopes, but I expect Megan Fox will ruin huge chunks of it...

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@ProjectGHOST: No WAY this is better the Iron Man 2. It looks really bad, but I will still see it on DVD in about a month.

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