JONAH HEX Movie Footage!

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 You haven't been showing your face around these parts, Jonah.

The JONAH HEX movie is less than two months away. We’ve seen a poster for it, we’ve seen an official production photo, but we haven’t actually seen a trailer for it yet, have we? We don’t quite have a trailer, here, per se. It’s a clip of a commercial for the trailer (we live in a bold new era, don’t we?) This will eventually be running in front of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. remake, evoking the inevitable Hex vs. Fredy battle threads.  

As for this preview…   it’s packed a lot of wildness into eleven seconds. There’s… big explosions! Hex shredding through rounds with dual gattling guns mounted on his horse! Hex getting medieval with a crossbow! Hex sizzling some bad guys 'til they're well-done with a flame thrower! There’s Megan Fox looking all sweaty and cross before ending some goon's sorry existence with a revolver! And there’s John Malkovich sporting more hair than he ever has before!

I’m still on the fence about the movie. The troubles its production’s been going through have gotten almost more attention than the movie itself.  However, these fleeting glimpses look pretty good. And I’m still intrigued to hear what a Mastadon-written score will sound like, even if it’s a bit compromised.  
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another one to go see me thinks

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I can't wait.  I am looking forward to this almost as much as Iron Man 2.
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awww helll. im never gonna get that first. i spend 5 minutes immersing myself in an episode of Archer, and a video pops up! gggrrrrrrrrrrr! not sure how hyped i am for this movie. ... and i guess that means not very...

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@Grim:  look at the older videos on vids threads
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Looks cool, why would they post a video that is only 11 seconds?

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I'm still a bit worried, since I love Jonah so much. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I can't help it. It may just be a action spectacle of the character, but I think as long as it's a fun watch, I should be okay.
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Can't wait to watch this movie!!!! :D

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I absolutely can't wait for this. I love movie westerns in general and Jonah Hex comics so this should be a real treat. I just hope they don't get too out there with it....Wild Wild West Big Willie style. Did not like seeing the horse mounted with the gattling guns tho so that might be a bad sign...    

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This just looks baaaaadasssss !!! Love me some Jonah Hex !!
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Wow, that looks like a huge piece of $#!^.

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Oh come on! Gatling guns attached to a horse? Flame thrower? I was looking forward to this, now I'm not to sure. I'm probably going to wait for this to come out on DVD and rent it. Maybe I'm being too harsh but it looks like they are trying to make Punisher in the old west. Then again they probably would only show the big action bits in that trailer to suck people in. I really hope the other trailers show it has more substance than some flashy scenes. I want grim, angry, ruthless Hex winning by being tough and mean as hell, not because he has superior fire power that's not the Hex I know lol.

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Wow, this looks sick already. Been waiting for some footage to come out.

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Looks fun from what i can see, and it's about time they put out some footage. They're gonna have to push this like crazy if they expect anyone to go see it, though. Simply for the fact they've done a shit job of promoting it so far, and for a June 2010 slot. ouch.
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Now it actually looks like a syfy channel production!  It is more or less now just a vehicle for Megan Fox.

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I saw this on YouTube yesterday and it still looks cool.

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WOW. this doesnt look very good.
Ill see this depending on reviews.

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I think this rocks but why Megan Fox?

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Megan Fox always wears make up when she works!

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This looks amazing, I especially like the gattling guns on the horse.
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i just saw the official trailer over on yahoo movies. i must say this ilooks like the most awesomely bad film ever. like van helsing in the old west lol. in other words i'll be at the first showing and then hate myself for paying ten dollars to see it. i wish i could be more excited for it, but with iron man 2 right around the corner i just can't. IM2 is just to badass to be seen past (hey that almost rhymed haha)

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Maybe if Megan Fox wears twice her normal amount of make up it will be as cool as Transformers one! Bam! I just made a funny! 

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