Jonah Hex

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Is Jonah Hex aware of super heroes in his continuity? Like, has he ever met costumed individuals with crazy powers, such as Superman or the like? If so, how is it done? With, like, a time-traveling shpeal, or what?

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As far as I can recall, he never met up with any super heroes in any "regular" series he starred in. I've read some, but not all of those.

He did in DC Challenge, but that was a round robin event and probably not considered canon at all.

Maybe crisis on infinite earths, I didn't read them.

In the series Hex (in which Jonah goes into his future : the future of the wild west, that is, I don't know what year it takes place in) in issue 11 he meets up with Batman (up to you to decide if Batman is "super" enough).

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He wears spandex and a cape and fights crime without fire-arms. That's super enough for me. Thanks for the help.

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