John Malkovich Joins Jonah Hex

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Production for DC's Jonah Hex is set to begin in April.  It's already been announced that Josh Brolin will be playing Jonah.  Variety has reported that John Malkovich will play Quentin Turnbull, a man bent on revenge against Jonah.  It seems his son was killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War.  Despite this, Turnbull blames Jonah for the death.

I still wonder how this movie will be.  We don't see many Westerns these days.  Jonah Hex also isn't exactly a household name.  It should be interesting to see how things go with this.  There's also the fact that Jimmy Hayward is making his live action directorial debut with this movie.
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Very Very Awesome  !  John Malkovich is the Shiznit... he would make a great Turnbull in this film...
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YES! This is the DC movie I've been waiting for... Aside from Watchmen and Dark Knight....

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Good casting, two of my favorite actors opposite one another.  Granted, Jonah Hex isn't well recognized comic material, but I don't think that matters in the slightest.  Brolin already has his run with 30 Days of Indie vampire/horror comic, and look how well it did.   It's not super hero stuff, far from it, but I do think this will do well, even if it's not a blockbuster.

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Jonah Hex is The Shiznit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (his 2006 ongoing series it's just AMAZING) And the fact that Jonah Hex is being written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor makes it a safe bet.
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I personally think this movie will do goo because Josh Brolin and John Malkovich are both established actors, The wildcard to attract females and young fans seems to be Megan Fox and here she is on the set of Jonah Hex looking pretty as ever. So while it is a western i think the special effects will make it a cutting edge western, one like we've never seen before. I agree Jonah Hex is not a household name and it is a gamble but Warner Bros along with this interesting casy, talented writers could make it work. It'll be different that's for sure.

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