Curious About Megan Fox's Character In Jonah Hex?

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It's a slow news day so let's talk about Megan Fox and Jonah Hex.  Westerns aren't usually my thing but I am curious if they can pull off making a kick ass western now.  It's been a while since we've had one.  Jonah Hex is a also an underrated character.  The character has been around a while.  Josh Brolin is playing him and John Malkovich is also appearing in the movie.  It could be something.

A couple months ago some images came out of Megan Fox on the set.  The question a lot of people had was who was she playing and why was she dressed like that.  Turns out it's not too hard to figure out.  Fox recently spoke to MTV about the movie and her character.
They’ve changed her name a couple of times — it’s Leila now.  She is a prostitute. She’s a good ol’ working girl, and she’s a love-interest to Jonah… of sorts. I mean, it’s by no means a classic type of relationship.

She wasn’t really featured in the comics.  Her name was initially Liala, and now they changed it — or it was Layla, and now they changed it to Leila. … All the women in the movie are prostitutes. … [I’m] sort of a tough, no-nonsense prostitute. Like, she’ll shoot you in the head if she has to. And she does!

So she's playing a prostitute, in case you weren't sure.  What I'm unclear on, since I haven't read a lot of Jonah Hex comics is, was the character actually in the comic or not?  She said that the character "wasn't really featured in the comic."  Does that mean the character had a small role or was just never actually in any issues?

She does seem excited about the movie.  Let's hope it turns out as good as she's making it out to be.
That movie is gonna be amazing.  It’s a post-civil war, apocalyptic type Western. The director Jimmy [Hayward] is a lunatic, and he might be a genius. From some of the things I’ve seen him shoot, it’s a badass movie.

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how come i prononced Layla, Leila, and Liala all the same way, is it because im ignorant? or because they are the same name?

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She's  a prostitute? finally, the role she was born to play. Do well Ms. Fox, do well.

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I don't know Jonah Hex except from BTAS, but I know I like Westerns and have been waiting a long time for a good one to come out. Hopefully this is it (even though Megan Fox suggests it is not)

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Damn..............................that waist .

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I hope it's like Clint Eastwood's "Man With No Name" meets weird west or steam punk.  That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Fox sounds like an idiot.

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we don't have a page for Layla, Leila, or Liala...maybe Megan Fox just has no idea what she's talking about?

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@G-Man. She hasn't been in any of the comics I've read, and I have the most recent series in its entirety, but she may have been a character in the other series. There are a few prostitutes in the series that are similar to her descriptions of her character so it'll probably be a mix of a few of them, I really hope they make her more like Tallulah then some of the others because she's the most bad ass they probably won't do to Leila what they did to Tallulah, which is probably for the best.

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@pixelized:  Hahaha!
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Why was her waist photoshoped like that?

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@Psychotime: I think thats a result of the corset effect not photoshop
#11 Posted by The Human Stain (85 posts) - - Show Bio

Corsets are just crazy.

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why are they doing a Jonah Hex movie?

#13 Posted by geraldthesloth (32689 posts) - - Show Bio
SUNMAN said:
why are they doing a Jonah Hex movie?
Because he's an interesting character that's been around for years
#14 Posted by SUNMAN (7379 posts) - - Show Bio

no seriously

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She looks like the character on the front of this issue

But from the way she's takling about it, you'd think it was Deadwood the movie :p

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I hope she is eating right...

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So she thinks Wonder Woman is lame but she's cool with playing a hooker?

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@xerox-kitty: That characters wasn't a prostitute, and that is the one issue she's appeared in. Also that issue wasn't that good, but that's kind of off topic lol.
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ugggh... why do people like her.

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pixelized said:
She's a prostitute? finally, the role she was born to play. Do well Ms. Fox, do well.
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OK....hope the movie good.

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Isn't Megan a bit too young for Josh Brolin? She's 20 something and he's 40 or 30 isn't he?

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@aztek the lost said:
maybe Megan Fox just has no idea what she's talking about?"

Well, this isn't the first time she talked about utter nonsense.

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