Could a Jonah Hex Sequel Happen?

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According to Mtv, Michael Shannon, who plays Cross Williams in the upcoming Jonah Hex film, thinks that the producers and screenwriters are planning for a long future for the Jonah Hex franchise.  

 It certainly felt as if the film was being made with sequels in mind. "Yeah, I think that's what they're shooting for."

Although his character, who is a snake-oil salesman at the traveling road show, only has a couple of minor appearances, Shannon believes he would be back for a sequel. 

 "I think the character may come back if there's another iteration of 'Jonah Hex,' but for now it's just this couple of little scenes,"

A few of us love the character of Jonah Hex, especially since this last volume has been a lot of fun to read. But this character doesn't have the draw that Batman or Iron Man has, both of which got sequels. At the same time, would a western do as well a superhero film? Doubtful. Josh Brolin is one heck of an actor, especially in No Country for Old Men, and many of us have no doubt he'll easily pull off Jonah, but will this film pull in enough of the general population to warrant a sequel? Many of us have our hopes extremely high for all of this to work out, but we'll have to make our final verdicts on June 8th 2010 when the film hits theaters.
What do you guys think? Will this film work out? Should it become a franchise?
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I'll have to see the movie first befor giving it a sequel.

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@NightFang: It always seems like a bad sign when someone in the film says it'll will get a sequel.
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they dont even release the firstone and they're telling there's going to be a sequel
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Didn't we already get a blog posted by G-Man or Babs like this before? It was months ago though, I think like early last yeasr sort of. 
Anyway, I guess the film needs to be seen before giving it a sequel.
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Wow, the first Jonah Hex movie must've been so good it wasn't meant for mortals and instead was shared with the gods, and now they want to make a sequel, awesome!

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Megan Fox will give people a reason to watch the movie if they are already not into Jonah Hex. If not her, it'll be Josh Brolin. And some people might be dumb enough to say: "Hey look it's Two-Face as a cowboy!". And because of these, and hopefully Palmiotti and Gray will contribute to the projects, the movie might be around for at least 2 or 3 movies.

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Aren't they just now wrapping up a number of re-shoots to tweak the -quel?  
I like that there is confidence in the film and it becoming a franchise. I hope he's right. That it's good enough to support a franchise.

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LOL I remember this guy from Let's Go To Prison 

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