etragedy's Jonah Hex #7 - Son of the Apache review

More of Jonah Hex's Origin is Revealed

At 15 Jonah Hex goes hand-to-claw against a puma!

The story 'Son of the Apache' in Jonah Hex issue number 7 begins a multi-issue story arc dealing with Jonah Hex's teen years.

Though he's a wanted man, some people still seem to be able to contact Jonah Hex somehow. An old man in this issue hires him to find his daughter who's supposedly been kidnapped by Apaches.

The story then flashes back twenty years to the 1850s when Jonah was only 13 years old. His father, a drunken moonshiner sells young Jonah into slavery to the Apaches. After two years, though, Jonah rescues the chief from a puma attack, and becomes a full member of the tribe, adopted by the chief. Weeks or months later, when he reaches the age of 16, he and his adoptive brother raid the Keowa tribe to steal horses as part of their manhood ceremony. But things don't go exactly as planned.

Knocking off another classic western trope, Michael Fleisher has Hex as the white man raised by Indians, with, of course, the jealous Indian brother plotting his downfall.

Jonah Hex comics are pure entertainment - they rarely aim high, but they also rarely disappoint.

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