comicbookheretic's Jonah Hex #66 - Casket Canyon review

Waste not want not

The Story:

Jonah is dealing with some very bad weather and finds his way to a little frozen town that is on the brink.

The Review:
First off lets start with great cover by one of my favorite female artists, Fiona Staples.  It gives you all that is needed to set the tone for what is to follow.  The bleek white back ground with Mr Hex and a bit of blood.  Perfect opening to the fine issue.  The tone of that cover converts into a creeping tale of what a shrinking group of people do when they are cut off and starving.  Without saying much mor you ca see where this is going.  Mr Palmiotti and Mr gray continue theirbtradition of great story telling.  The tension of the story builds at a perfect pace.  Jonah's shock at what the people are doing to eachother was palpable as was his disgust.  I have given much away without getting specific.  To truely know what I am talking about you will have to take the leap and buy this book.  Reward yourself with a monthly title that has a very high standard of quality both in its writing and in its visuals.  Which leads me back to the cover.  The fine Ms Staples also provides the interior work this issue and Ild have to say her style is a perfect match for the issue.  The issue at hand and what the towns people have accepted as their only way to survive is gray and stark as are the colors too.  Great visuals! 

What You Should Do:
Buy this issue it's as simple as that!  With two big company wide crossovers begining, or begun in the case of Fear Itself,  books like this willprovide a respite.  Jonah Hex being the best of the alternatives because you can jump on at any issue with only the knowledge that it is set in the old west and Hex is a bounty hunter. 

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