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Not Always Great, But Consistently Good

Hex on horseback leaps a steep canyon to escape El Papagayo!

In the second issue of Jonah Hex, Hex is hired by Ned Landon, a U.S. Secret Service Agent, who looks a lot like Michael Fenton, the USSS Agent who hired him during 'The Point Pyrrhus Massacre'. Landon wants Hex to ingratiate himself with a Mexican Revolutionary and bandido named 'El Papagayo' (The Parrot), by offering to sell him 2 cases of Winchester Rifles 'stolen' from the U.S. Army.

But once in the the bandido's camp, not everything goes according to plan, and Hex ends up fighting for his life!

The story begins another multi-issue plotline as the man with the eagle top cane reappears.

According to the letters page, Jonah Hex was nearly canceled twice before, and (as regular readers already know) has gone through a string of artists. But, DC at least believed at the time that Jonah Hex was going to be somewhat stable for awhile in this new magazine.

What's interesting is that Jonah Hex comics have maintained pretty good quality, especially for a western comic, across so many issues. This fact was not lost on fan Fred Hembeck (then still an unknown), who wrote a letter of praise, published in the letters column of this issue, for the Jonah Hex comics of Weird Western Tales, stating that Jonah Hex comics have been "a heckuva lot more consistent" quality-wise than the DC superhero titles. (Hembeck's own cartoon parodies of those DC characters would soon become staples of the 'Daily Planet' info page in the back of every DC comic).


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