etragedy's Jonah Hex #11 - The Holdout! review

A Few Good Points to an Otherwise Average Issue

Hex's hands are bandaged, how will he defend himself?

'The Holdout', the story in issue 10 of Jonah Hex feels like a bit of a filler issue. It's pretty much an average western that happens to star Hex.

There's new fill-in artists too, and the art seems to be inferior to past issues, though it isn't outright bad.

Hex exposes a card-sharp, named Preston, who gets his revenge by having his goons tie hex up while he smashes Hex's hands with a sledge hammer. Preston then leaves for Abilene, but vows to kill Hex if he's still in town three weeks later.

Hex, however, comes up with a way to protect himself without being able to draw his sixguns.

The issue also features the return of Joanna from Jonah Hex #4.

Other than that, though, it's an average western, averagely illustrated.

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