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Three Cheers for Bill!

Now, a lot of the other reviewers have complained that they don't like the art. So, I'd better come clean here, and state for the record that Bill Sienkiewicz is my favorite comic artist of all time and I am a Lewis Carroll-phile. For those not accustomed to his style or enthralled with it as I am, this one shot will be an acquired taste, especially with Keith Giffen just elaborating on that insane over the top abstract look. The writing is top notch and compliments the art's elegant abstract style. In fact, anyone familiar with other out there artwork can tell you that, for example by the standards of Bill's signature look and feel, this stuff is actually fairly tame. The main concept motivating this comic is insanity. Jarvis Tetch while a fairly well-known Batman villain rarely gets the introspection you'll find here. Insanity is perfectly conveyed in the eccentric artwork that makes the reader feel as disoriented as the main character. Again, a Bill Sienkiewicz fan like myself also into Giffen will enjoy this comic enormously, so take the 4.5 stars with a grain of salt if you're not wild about his crazy style.


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