mtharman's Joker's Asylum II: Killer Croc #1 - Beauty and the Beast review

Killer Croc knows what a monster really is.

The Story: 
Killer Croc escapes from prison and finds himself injured and rescued by a man and his wife, who are a couple trying to reach through the ranks of the criminal underground within Gotham. Finding more than a new role in his criminal career, Killer Croc also finds a new family that accepts him for who he is, but then things later turn bad for both Killer Croc and the couple. 
The Good: 
-I loved this comic, I really do because it brought out the Killer Croc and shows him being more than a monster and a villian. 
-The artwork was basic, and I liked how Killer Croc was drawn in this issue.

-The storyline is really what made me give its five-star rating, its interaction with its readers to figure out for themselves if Killer Croc is actually listening, have feelings for his new freinds, falls slightly inlove, or is planning on killing for his own greedy self. It depends on your imagination to make out Killer Crocs character since he doesn't say anything at all till the end. I liked that, I liked that alot and how it followed through. 
- This issue really had me feeling sorry for Killer Croc in a way, which is another reason why I cherish this comic. 
The Bad: 
-I dont know why they would say its a story that gives its readers an impression of a Beauty and the Beast concept when it focuses more on Killer Croc being a monster and acting human. It isn't really a love story as I thought at first, its more like Killer Croc being on the recieving end of labeling somebody a monster. 
The Ugly: 
The Conclusion: 
This issue is worth buying and picking up, so far, for me its the best out of the Jokers Asylum II comics. If you like Batman villians and Killer Croc, then by all means go pick it up. 

This is a review I did on the comic, its a little choppy and edited too much because of my limited time making it, but I apologize for that. Anyways it goes through the entire comic so its a SPOILER, but I tried to make it enjoyable. 
And yes, I did use the Clayface theme, for some reason it matched the story for the comic for me. 


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Posted by NightFang

Nice video and choice in music.   

Posted by Jord

Well done. I would not have bought this at first glimpse, but you've convinced me.
Posted by chris thompson

nice vid.
Posted by teewillis1981

Great video! I just finished the comic and I loved it. Brought out a whole new side of Killer Croc, I really felt sorry for him.

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