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577511 BritishMonkey Character Overview 12/02/14 04:54PM 7 Approved
563948 pikahyper Character Overview 11/12/14 05:14AM 2 Approved
558260 Knightsofdarkness2 Character Overview Fixed Grammatical errors and added new sentences. 11/01/14 11:10AM 5 Approved
554438 Impervious Character Overview 10/25/14 08:28PM 15 Approved
546730 BatUniverse Character Overview Hey guys, it's been a while, I was hoping you could accept this submission, It would mean a lot, I want to upload the section every month, as Endgame reaches to it's final, thanks. 10/11/14 03:03PM 30 Approved
532313 B4TM4NISH3R3 Character Overview Edits. 09/18/14 08:28PM 2 Approved
531195 B4TM4NISH3R3 Character Overview Same thing done here. 09/17/14 02:52PM 2 Approved
526911 B4TM4NISH3R3 Character Overview Done the same with Pengers. 09/10/14 04:08PM 2 Approved
525231 B4TM4NISH3R3 Character Overview I done the same thing as I done with the Penguin's page. 09/08/14 01:52PM 2 Approved
522906 Cromus Character Overview 09/05/14 11:12AM 2 Approved
520434 maimran91 Character Overview 09/02/14 12:00PM 3 Approved
513622 maimran91 Character Overview 08/23/14 12:05PM 1 Approved
513621 maimran91 Character Overview 08/23/14 12:04PM 1 Approved
513618 maimran91 Character Overview 08/23/14 12:01PM 10 Approved
503726 blackhawk000111 Character Overview 08/09/14 08:43AM 15 Approved
460158 Cromus Character Overview 06/14/14 10:13PM 2 Approved
451993 ChazTeen Character Overview 06/04/14 05:09PM 16 Approved
420266 Redson Character Overview 04/28/14 03:09PM 4 Approved
405099 Jokerpoker Character Overview 04/04/14 08:00AM 25 Approved
398914 natemamate Character Overview 03/27/14 10:28PM 5 Approved
385629 pandataur Character Overview 03/10/14 09:51AM 16 Approved
295690 ilovemrj Character Overview 12/06/13 01:35PM 12 Approved
277995 Battle_Forum_Junkie Character Overview Okay, I re-entered that link to the Joker's joy buzzer page. Sorry about that. 11/14/13 02:33PM 1 Approved
277896 Battle_Forum_Junkie Character Overview Sorry for all these little edits, but I forgot to add in a link to Joker's Joy Buzzers. 11/14/13 10:44AM 1 Denied
277877 Battle_Forum_Junkie Character Overview The link to Joker Venom kept displaying a 404 error saying the page couldn't be found. I re-entered the link, and it should work now. 11/14/13 10:33AM 1 Approved
214671 Wilbertus Character Guide Hi, I felt like this page needed a little more than just "the killing joke". Feel free to change, add to and/or delete what I have written. I was simply helping to provide some more suggestions. Cheers, Wilbertus 09/17/13 03:17PM 128 Approved
199723 YourNeighborhoodComicGeek Character Overview 08/31/13 06:43PM 1 Approved
188644 Darkside_of_the_Sun Character Overview 08/20/13 05:28AM 1 Approved
186319 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview Added a main creator of the Joker in his first appearance to the creator list. 08/17/13 08:44PM 3 Approved
172944 fran24ksawtgpb Character Overview I erased the Zero Year part because we don't know if that's The Joker and we should definitely not know about it. 08/04/13 12:45PM 21 Approved
169076 IheartZombies92--defunct Character Overview 07/31/13 03:09AM 108 Approved
153087 SaintG Character Overview 07/18/13 12:28PM 116 Approved
143719 The Poet Character Overview 07/09/13 12:13PM 1 Approved
143535 The Poet Character Overview 07/09/13 06:55AM 2 Approved
123906 RobinScientist456 Character Overview i did my resaerch 06/24/13 07:26PM 0 Denied
49220 SpiderFan1 Character Overview Mostly edited the video game section. 05/05/13 10:12AM 54 Approved
47710 Jokergeist Character Overview 05/03/13 10:22PM 53 Approved
41442 scouts1998 Character Overview 04/29/13 05:26AM 1 Approved
20725 Fhiz Character Overview 04/13/13 07:18PM 65 Approved
9562 hamlet33 Character Overview 04/03/13 11:02AM 39 Approved
263 Zeraphyne Character Guide 03/26/13 03:21PM 36 Approved

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