What role would Joker have in TDKR if Leger was alive?

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The main question that's bothered me since I saw this movie is, if Ledger had actually been able to keep his shit together and not die, what role do you think he would've had in this movie? As a major villain that somehow helped Bane? or would he have just made a cameo like Scarecrow did? In my opinion he would've been the better choice for the judge in the chaos courts. :)

(Another thing that really bothered me about TDKR is nobody even MENTIONS Joker. Even after all the prisoners break out, nobody even thinks, "Oh shit, now he's out too and we have to worry about both him AND Bane." It's almost like nothing he did in the last movie happened.I think it's a bit pathetic nobody even considers the possibility to recast the character. LEDGER DOES NOT OWN THE JOKER! You know that movie would've been 5x better even if he had the most minor cameo)

((OH! And Alfred was only in like... 1/10 of the movie! Wtf was that shit!?))

(((Please keep answers relevant to the first paragraph. In b4 butthurt white knight fags)))

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He would save Batman becoming the hero that the Internet needs, not the the hero the Internet des... actually also the hero the internet deserves

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I think they had a whole different story in mind for a third movie when Heath was still alive. Something about joker's trial.

Also, I think Joker's door got jammed in the 3d movie.

#4 Posted by AweSam (7525 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably something similar to Scarecrow's role in the movie. Maybe they would tie him somewhere so Nolan wouldn't feel obligated to add him into the main plot.

#5 Posted by htb106 (1724 posts) - - Show Bio

I heard that they were planning to do a sort of "Killing Joke" plot involving Jim Gordon's daughter ( Batgirl ).

Also, I think Joker probably was given the death sentence and that's why he wasn't seen or mentioned.

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He's mentioned in TKDR Novelization as being in Arkham, but eventually Arkhams abandon and supposedly the Joker was abandon their with it or escaped. Its very vague

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