Trying to understand the Joker

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Doing a video review of comic characters are something quite fun when trying to understand their personality and why they do the things they do within comics. As for Batman and his colorful cast of psychotic villains has proved to be a lot of fun when trying to explain what makes somebody Scarecrow, the Riddler, and Bane very unique villains that have their own way of reaching out to an audience.

…. And then there’s the Joker

Ever since I started this Channel Badguy gig on Youtube, I had to drop about 3 videos of the Joker because of how trying to explain somebody like the Joker to an audience has proved to be quite difficult, in fact I believe it’s impossible. The last thing I want to do is give off the wrong information of one of the most famous villains of all time, but with somebody like the Joker there is no way of defining the villain.

Studying this guy, I’ve noticed how he sits on a history that’s multiple choice, a personality that changes to where it’s impossible to tell if he is actually sane or insane, or that he prefers Batman alive or dead. But I’ve come to realize that the only way to understand the Joker is from what you can only see. Only precise way of having any accurate way of explaining this guy is seeing him as a bad Joke that nobody understands but him and him alone.

A second post of where I go into the history of the Joker, this is a video of how I see somebody like the Joker and why I’m convinced that somebody like the Joker cannot be defined. Part 1 of 2 of my villain guide of the Joker, I hope you enjoy watching and please feel free for your idea or theory of the Joker.

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If you want to understand the Joker at all, you have to read The Killing Joke. That's about as close as anybody's going to get, I think.

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Yeah,.... I somehow manage to own two copies of the Killing Joke,... but if you look into it you'll see how Moore described the Joker as somebody who is far from being understood, or so that's the impression I got when he told Batman that he was far from being helped or restored to normal.

Love how he gave a precise origin and end the story with the notion that it could've been a fabricated origin.

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