there cuting it way to close to an actual origin

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Damn it Damn it Damn it DAMN IT! I really really don't want to see his origin he's perfect the way he is with originles that's how it should be!I mean supposedly that might be the him in zero year the red hood gang and then you've got his one shot thought that could just be his own mest up mind playing with him but then we got zero year and that' and not the jokers mest up mind there geting to close to actually revealing who he was and are we all in an agreement when I say he shouldn't have an origin?

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@lifeofvibe: Yep, for Joker no origin is the best origin. This comic was pretty bad overall so I think I'm just going to expunge it from my mind, canon or not.

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As close as they might get, I don't think Snyder would ruin the character like that. Give the guy some credit. Even if they do reveal some kind of origin, I'm sure it'll be interesting to say the least.

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@exia009: the best they could go is that he already was twisted in the head (already happening sort of) and now he's just a lot more twisted anything else might actually make us sympathize for him wich I really really don't want to see and it really is to close I just hope they will never reveal his origin

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