The Joker's New Face

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With DC"s New 52, we were all expecting some pretty big changes to the looks of the characters. The heroes have all changed, some more than others, but the villains have pretty much remained the same. This was somewhat of a letdown to me, and is to you as well, I'm sure. If they were going to update ANY of the villains, I wanted it to be the Joker. I mean, he is the most popular comic book villain of all time! Well I am going to make a prediction, the Joker is about to be updated...

In the first issue of Detective Comics, the Joker gets his face cut off by the Doll Maker. Why? Well, we don't see what/whose face he gets and there is no reason behind it other than it makes him unrecognizable (which is reason enough I guess). But why end the very first issue of DC's flagship title with a faceless Joker if they are just going to put his old face right back on later? I don't think they are. Here is my prediction:

I think that the writers at DC have decided to make the comic book Joker look like the Joker as interpreted by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight!!!

This would make sense as the origins of the characters haven't really changed (with the exception of Wonder Woman), they have only taken place in more recent times. Giving the Joker a new face would allow his origins to remain intact and allow his look to be updated to the new, more popular TDK Joker. Will it happen? Who knows, we just have to keep reading Detective Comics to find out. We can only hope.

Let me know what you think: out with the old or don't change a thing?

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Oh God I hope not. Ledger was cool for his bit but I hope he doesn't become the canon Joker, it just... it just wouldn't be right. It does sound like he'll undergo some change, of all the different interpretations I hope he comes out like Arkham Asylum Joker, spikey hair, glasgow smile, dark eyes, but a generally Jokerish look. It's the perfect blend of his best attributes and I hope it spreads. DC could actually learn a lot from the rocksteady games.

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Pretty sure Batman #1 takes place in the present time..... and Joker's face was not like the one from The Dark Knight there.

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@Joygirl: Yeah, that would be awesome too. Good idea!

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@InnerVenom123: I thought Detective Comics and Batman #1 happened at the same time, I might be wrong though. Besides, that was actually Dick in a mask, not the Joker. But the mask looked the same, so you might be right.

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depending on the artist, some times even the old Joker looked like the Ledger version 

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@supermanprime6: I think Detective Comics takes place in the past (probably before Justice League), since Batman doesn't have a Robin with him. And Batman #1 would obviously take place in the present by that logic, because he has all the Bat-family with him. I think it's the same way that Action Comics takes place in the past while Superman #1 is in the present.

And I know that was Dick in a Joker mask. But obviously he's wearing a disguise that looks like the Joker. And that Joker mask didn't look like the one from Detective Comics. But it certainly didn't look like Ledger.

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@InnerVenom123: Yep, that's true. I thought only JLA and Action Comics took place in the past. I love the new Batman Comic though, it's probably my favorite. Scott Snyder is genius.

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