The Joker and Batman: friends or enemy?

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In the last movie ( The Dark Knight ) the Batman say " so why do you wanna kill me?" and The Joker was say (sorda ) "i dont wanna kill you, you see you complet me, whithout you the world was so borid" ( dont fix me )
The Batman and The Joker are always fighting but they are never  killed each other.
Now the bad relationship, the joker wanna do crimes not for money or revenge his doing that for two reasons
1. for see the world in fire
2.for annoying Batman
so what are you think about Joker and Batman relationship? like ying and yang? or enemy's forever?

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Enemys forever no question about it. But im just taking a guess cause killing a bunch of your close friends and two sidekicks is really not enough to piss off some people :P

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Joker and Batman need each other. The other can't be without the other. They are enemies though.

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Batman and Joker are quintessential opposites. The Joker's ideals are the reverse to what Batman bases his misssion upon: Joker supports anarchy and destruction, whilst batman is about law and order. 

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Both! Yin and Yang :-)

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Captain Hazard said:

"Joker and Batman need each other. The other can't be without the other. They are enemies though."

thank you for respont. i agree with you even Batman have alot of enemies that they arent the Joker whivout joker Batman is useless.

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