something I noticed in B&R 16 (SPOILERS!)

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Before the joker gets knocked out, before joker begins his monologue, he makes a whistle. The same whistle that opened the casket box in B&R 15. 
At least, artistically it looks the same. Is this just an coincidence or does it mean something?

#2 Posted by ArdennesKorps (72 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think so. That was Bruce who open the Box, He learn this sound from "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne №4"

#3 Posted by andywattbulb (23 posts) - - Show Bio
True that it is Bruce that opens the casket but Joker makes the same whistle from B&R 15 and RBW 4 (the notes are identical, even the color).
In RBW 1, one of the deer people is called Joker (joker relative?) and the deer people later on become the Miagani who invented the whistle.
So long shot: The whistle also got passed on to Joker.

I would be the last one to suggest  these kinds of theories but why would Joker make the Miagani whistle? 
Unless it is just an honest mistake by the artist. Yet the notes are drawn the same way by two different artists.

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