Slay Ride motion comic

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Merry Christmas everyone, hope you enjoy it, there are links to download it in the video description, feel free to!

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@Sydpart2: First off I loved it.  Do you make the Drawings yourself or do they come from an  original comic?
Next I loved the special effect 3:45 minuets in to it. 
If I had to say one thing wrong with it (and forgive me) I don't believe your voice as the Joker. It's not menacing enough. Now as for Tim that was just perfect like Harley in your last one.
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no, the images are actually from the original comic, detective comics number 826. And I don't love my own voice as Joker, I do think I do a good job overall tho. That and I've tried working with other voice actors but you find quickly in the VA community that some people (cough Pgrits) aren't dependable or professional at all.
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@Sydpart2: as for the over all job Yes you and your friends do amazing job. But I would know nothing about the VA comunity.
Still anytime you post another video please let me know. Again  as you know I don't collect anymore and your videos give me the chance to enjoy them again
Thanks and Keep them Coming
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lol thanks, you could just sub me on youtube and apply for email updates ;)

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