Off YOUR Mind: Would Joker be a Good Villain in the Marvel Universe?

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@matchstick76: Come om Moon knight would'nt kill em name one villian Mk killed in anger cause I can't seem to think of one.

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Joker VS. DEAD POOL Anyone?! :)

I think Joker vs. Deadpool would be kewl and fitting...

Wade Wilson: the Merc with the Mouth could more than handle the Joker...may even come to begrudgingly like him...possibly admire a few things about him. LOL

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Definitely a cool character for use with X-Men. Team him up with Magneto and I can see a pretty cool story in use. Or get Joker to evolve - make him a mutant...

#255 Posted by TheIndigoEffect (201 posts) - - Show Bio

Bullseye is pretty much Marvel's equivalent to the Joker in terms of personality.

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Do not underestimate the joker ladies and gentlemen.

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@stetson12: I agree but I think Joker would see wolverine's rage and use it against him. Wolverine tends to jump the gun instead of thinking things through first as Batman does.

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@turoksonofstone said:

Why did everybody hate the Amalgam so much, anyway? Oh, DC fanboys and fangirls didn't like it, 'cause they got their arses kicked. =P

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@sixsource: Lol aw man that would be a crazy crossover. They could give Joker some 4th wall breaking abilities too. The Joker is so insane he's a genius like that.

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According to most of the Marvel fans on this site Wolverine or Punisher would just kill the Joker. I can only assume they base this statement on some kind of facts. So can any of you explain to me how the heroes and villains of the marvel universe have managed to survive losing fights to Wolverine and Punisher?

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Joker would die in the Marvel U

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I LOVE the Joker and want to scream "yes" to the heavens but I just can't. The Joker's random, psychotic teasing just wouldn't work in a universe of villians with plans and heroes who play for keeps like Marvel. If you put Shadowcat in a wheelchair or beat Gambit to death for fun Wolverine's not going to take the High Road and NOT kill you. All and all Joker's motives just aren't Marvel's style.

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The Punisher would assassinate the S@#T out of The Joker....

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Not really... People like the punisher dont care and will just kill him. He's lucky batman puts up with his crap.

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@marginal: THIS

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@sly1015: please tell me that's a joke

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This must be a joke right. The joker is too weak and frankly too stupid for most marvel characters. I see people saying what if he kidnapped kitty pride he couldn't even touch the girl in the first place. To spider man he'd just be second rate green goblin. Wolverine would just kill him and punisher. Daredevil might be interesting but everybody else would be too smart or too powerful for the joker

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