Off My Mind: Is Joker's Blood Toxic?

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#51 Posted by ClayfaceTheTerror (21 posts) - - Show Bio
@Crimson Eagle said:
@G-Man said:
" @Silkcuts said:  
This is why I was wondering if the venom in his blood is a new thing. You know he's always playing around with his chemistry set when he's not out murdering people. I think this is something that's been added. So now if he gets beat up between getting arrested and taken to the police station, people will be in for a surprise.  As for the mosquito, it would take a tiny amount to have an affect on a mosquito. To have an affect on a person would have to be a much stronger strain. "

I think G-Man cracked the Morrison code before reading the issue :D
That makes so much sense.  Joker tried poison smiling fish, but what did that really do?  If that even his blood becomes another weapon.... limitless.  So now mosquitoes become dangerous. 
I hope its a new thing.  It seems like a very local next step in jokers evolution 

 I think that Grant Morrison has a new story arc in mind that involves the Joker and the rest of the Bat- Family.  BTW,(just thinking out of the box)  could this new Joker venom be a mind control? So whoever comes in contact with the blood become a "Joker Zombie."  "

It could be mind control, probably not consitering the story but its possible, he did it before in the one story with Etrigon.
#52 Posted by Nefilim927 (357 posts) - - Show Bio

I just... the so.... awesome/creepy/insane
#53 Posted by George Silver (1739 posts) - - Show Bio

Poor poor Damian...

#54 Edited by xxSadisticSmilexx (61 posts) - - Show Bio

This isn't new.  The Joker's blood being poisonous has been hinted at for years.  As a matter of fact this was hinted at in another Morrison series when a mosquito dyed from bitting the Joker's hand.

#55 Posted by Silkcuts (5272 posts) - - Show Bio
@ClayfaceTheTerror:  mind control.  that could work.
#56 Posted by G-Man (34459 posts) - - Show Bio
@xxSadisticSmilexx: The mosquito has already been mentioned along with it would take a tiny amount to kill a mosquito. Joker's been in fights and I'm sure he's been bloody. We've never seen anyone affected by his blood in this way.
#57 Posted by KurtWagner (63 posts) - - Show Bio
@Chaos Burn:  of course he was, duh.
#58 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23334 posts) - - Show Bio

Interesting, I love Morrison's Batman and can't wait for the next issue B&R.

#59 Posted by Staticoss (144 posts) - - Show Bio

ahh not another robin killed with crowbar, death in the family was bad enough, this is gonna be disdurbing
#60 Posted by Eyz (3095 posts) - - Show Bio

Wasn't it "alluded" in some other stories? Perhaps one of the Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale comics? I don't remember exactly...

#61 Posted by Korialstrasz (27 posts) - - Show Bio

It is strange that you know about it only now. It is not secret, that his blood is poison.
 Tainted Blood: Joker's blood is tainted. It has been said that "being an avid consumer of his products, Joker's immunity to poisons has been built up over years of dedicated abuse." When a mosquito sucks the Joker's blood, it "writhes and whines, choking on tainted blood".

#62 Posted by Chaos Burn (1784 posts) - - Show Bio
@KurtWagner:  I know, calm down, was just confirming what you said
#63 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (2242 posts) - - Show Bio

Did anybody here read Batman #663? It was the one that was full of words with very few pictures. Joker explicitly used his blood as a weapon to escape Arkham. He spat it into the face of a guard and poisoned him. We've already known this to be 100% true. This shouldn't be a surprise.

#64 Posted by speedforced (6 posts) - - Show Bio

well see joker has bled many times in the past... so why now would it be toxic? i think joker tricked Damian somehow and subjected him to joker venom.

#65 Posted by Eisenheim (29 posts) - - Show Bio

I think this explains Dick's "shot in the head"

#66 Posted by JHags (34 posts) - - Show Bio
HAHAHA! I thought the same thing...Thanks for this!
#67 Posted by Sinestro2828 (1511 posts) - - Show Bio

This is why I love Joker, best Batman villain ever and one of my all time fave DC baddies, there is always a method to his madness and people always underestimate just how truly deadly and clever he really is (except the Bat, Bruce knows that when it comes to Joker you always have to be prepared for the worst and expect the unexpected).  Damian Wayne has now learned why Joker, Clown Prince of Crime, is his father's greatest nemesis...One can only wonder if he'll live to learn from this serious mistake.

#68 Posted by Sinestro2828 (1511 posts) - - Show Bio
@speedforced:   Joker's toxic blood was probably developed only after years of abusing his own Joker Venom (i.e. ingesting it himself).  So this new ability of his is probably new, which is why we never saw it in action before.

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