Marvel, DC...And Twilight Parody

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You love Marvel, right?  DC gets you excited too.  Now don't worry, I won't ask you to admit how much you dig Twilight.  The following video may be a dream come true.  Check out what ItsJustSomeRandomGuy does when he combines all three.

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Hah! I really love his channel. He's brilliant. His girlfriend is wonderful too. She does an awful lot and people don't even know it, including some of the little figure sets and many of the voices. They're so witty! Their whole shtick, with how many figures I have, is the essence of "I wish I'd thought of that" comedy. That's really about the best complement you can give IMO. I can't really paise them enough.
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.....(rans by)
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I know little to nothing of Twilight. So, quite a bit of this went over my head. Still, this is pretty funny. It sort of reminds me of Robot Chicken.

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This was great! Lol, I love the Marvel/DC scenes he has, they are very amusing. THUMBS UP!
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LMAO wow
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@FoxxFireArt said:
" I know little to nothing of Twilight. So, quite a bit of this went over my head. Still, this is pretty funny. It sort of reminds me of Robot Chicken. "
I know zero about Twilight except that guy who plays the vampire is Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter...or I think he is... 
but as far as I could tell the Twilight jokes were based off of that one preview where he's like "Do you know what I am?" "Yes" "Say it" "...Vampire", etc. Of course there could have been other parodies I missed since I am ignorant about Twilight and like any human I hate what I can't understand. 
But I thought this was funny. Great job ItsJustARandomGuy!
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that owned heaps.

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Wow... Plastic Nightwing is scary!

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That was funny. I hope Itsjustsomerandomguy will make more videos like this.
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Another funny video!!

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Nice. I haven't seen or read "Twilight", but my little sister gave me a long synopsis once so I get most of it. Pretty funny.

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This guy is a frackin' GENIUS! I hope he gets to direct one of Marvel's movies or gets permission to have voice actors hired to get his own movie or something... that'd rock so hard. lol.

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The RandomGuy and Gal are awesome! Love the I'm a Marvel/I'm a DC videos. The ending on this one was great.

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Damn it how do do you turn this thing off        lol
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Twilight may suck beyond all recognition but MAAAAN does it give great comedy material.  
Ha Ha Ha Ha
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Lulz. Too bad Poison Ivy didn't get to be that wolf dude.

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