Joker To Appear in Young Justice Season 2

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Whats your take on it?



It is said that Joker is to a major adversary to the teenage hero team, where he is directly responsible for the deaths of one or two members :).


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What's your source? And to be honest I'm still waiting for new episodes of season one..... -__-

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Good. Now where's Deathstroke?

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well I saw him in the Young justice Cartoon comic book series and he seemed like he can be cool in the series. 

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@KingLoki said:
Good. Now where's Deathstroke?
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Not that i don't believe you but where did you see this?
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Art Baltazar and Mike Norton confirmed that his comic appearance would set up his appearance in the series. Everything else mentioned by TC is made up and false.

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He is going to appear at some point in season 1, he will have nothing to do with deaths of any of the characters

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I've heard that anything that they do in the comic line is something that they are hoping to incorporate somehow into the tv series. And if not then at least the story was written somehow.

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I want to see Ravager, too.

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@venomoushatred1001: Gah
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I hate you with every fiber of my bein for these ten minutes of tears

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