Joker Serious?

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I was wondering has there ever been a moment where the joker is ever serious?

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The Joker is dangerous because he can switch from comedian to monster in an instant. He's serious as often as he is comedic. 

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Pushback/Payback, when he, in an oh-so out of character way, missed his wife & wanted revenge for her death. Not only was it OOC, but it was unresolved. Hardly forgivable. I wanted to see Joker & Hush duke it out.
He's had plenty of serious one-on-ones with Batman & he seems serious when fighting hand-to-hand with anyone who isn't Batman. If you can make him angry & unammused, he's plenty serious...just not often.

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There was the time he killed Sarah Essen-Gordon (James Gordon's second wife). Joker had kidnapped all of these infants and Sarah had to choose between herself or the children. She saved a baby Joker dropped and at that moment of opportunity, Joker shot her, leaving her surrounded by the babies and Joker walked away with a frown.

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I have seen him plenty serious with Harley. Especially when she pisses him off or when just wants to get away from her.


Sometimes I think Jay is just a tad bit more scary when he isn't laughing.....depending on the situation of course.

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