Joker: Man or Concept?

#1 Posted by KateKane (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Personal Joker theories? Is he a person, the personification of chaos, Batman's dark half?

#2 Posted by batshrine (1081 posts) - - Show Bio

He's an overhyped terrorist.

#3 Posted by CrimsonCake (2735 posts) - - Show Bio

Physically he's a person,physiologically he is the personification of Chaos.

I'm not sure if that made sense.

#4 Posted by Joygirl (20855 posts) - - Show Bio

He's a man. He's a monster. He's an idea that can never die. Nobody knows who he is, where he came from, or where he's going. Nobody knows what he wants or what he fears. He is a force of nature, Chaos to bring balance to Order. He is the personification of madness transcending insanity. He is the Joker.

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