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From what I understand about the Joker, is he is really manipulative. It really stood out in the movie, but in teh comics he's sometimes much much worse. So... personally, I don't know the limits to which the Joker is able to go. I know he's unpredictable and whatever, but, he's always smiling in the end. I was just wondering,
Could the Joker manipulate Braniac?
Just want opinions. If he's done it, would like to know bout it too... Jokers' by far one of, (if not THE) the best un-powered villain ever. Just opinions...

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He's a wee bit out there, but He's cool. He even ruled the Universe for a while...
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He is the best at what he doe's.

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Dr. Victor von Doom said:

He's a wee bit out there, but He's cool. He even ruled the Universe for a while...
Oooh, what issue is this from? *_*

In the Arkham Asylum graphic novel, the Joker was calling all the shots & everyone in Arkham was asking his permission & stuff. But between the washy coloring, exadurated art, & theories from reviewers, that novel might have been a dream Batman had, so I don't know if it counts.

I dunno if he could outsmart Braniac, but I'll bet he could mess with his head.
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@Dr. Victor von Doom said:

" He's a wee bit out there, but He's cool. He even rul  

 ed the Universe for a while... "

This is my favourite portrayal of the joker. It gives you a look into the minds of the infamous Joker, while helping you to understand the depths of his sanity - something that has been debated for a long time. Basically, I think the Joker is able to be as intense, scary or insane as he needs to be to keep up with Batman. And if that means outsmarting Brainiac, he'll do it. Simply because he's awesome. 
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I think he could, I really do. I mean, look at what he's done with countless of people. harley for examlpe, is now his sidekick/lover. he could do it. But it would take some time, I think.
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If Darkseid could so it then I see no reason why Joker couldn't. It might not be really easy, but I'm sure he could...

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