Is this The New Aqualad holding The Joker?!!

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When I was watching that Comic Con Young Justice vid on youtube I saw these little posters in the background so I took a snapshot of it, cropped it and resized it. Now am I the only that thinks that's the Joker. It might not be but I compared the how pale he was, the suit and then the thing that sealed the deal for me was the cards falling, they kind of look like joker cards. What do you guys think?
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Appears so.

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He looks like Joker unless he is a villain based on the Joker created specifically for the show.

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Interesting I wonder who's voicing him? 
Bruce Greenwood is voicing Batman in this series so It might be John Dimaggio, although I'd like to see Mark Hamill voice the Joker if they could get him to do it.

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It appears to be but like someone said earlier they could just be making a rip off which would just be stupid. They put might put him in a few episodes to get people to watch the show and boost the ratings.

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