Is the Ledger Joker a better version than the Joker we have today

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#51 Posted by Pokeysteve (9950 posts) - - Show Bio

@taye said:

@pokeysteve: He actually did try to blow up the boats, but then Batman arrived and stopped him..

Because the boats broke the rules. Not because he felt like it.

#52 Posted by handsome_stud (299 posts) - - Show Bio

I used to hate Joker episodes in batman the animated series... boring as crap

ledger joker gave the character new life and interest....

#53 Edited by GeoKnowsBest (38 posts) - - Show Bio

Ledger's Joker is leagues better than the garbage we have polluting the books today.

#54 Posted by BlazingNova (11131 posts) - - Show Bio

When I was watching the movie I forgot I was watching a movie which is what a good actor is supposed to do he is supposed to make the audience feel that their bringing he roll to life and make it seem like ur actually there.

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