Is he Oberon Sexton?

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These support the theory:

- Face and all else of his body is covered (to hide his clowny appearance?)

- Seems thin and agile, suggesting he has the same build as the Joker

- Seems to know a lot about crime and criminals. Also knows there have been several people to use the Red Hood identity.

- Wears "outdated" and theatrical clothes; top hat, white gloves and red circular glasses

- Wears dark clothes in contrast to his colourful, flamboyant style. Could be part of the joke or to symbolize his change.

- All these suggest he is "being Batman" in the absence of his "frenemy", without his opposite, he is nothing - as he has stated numerous times. This could either be his way of coping with the loss or making a grand joke out of his former self. Or he could have legitimely become sane or harmless as he did in Going Sane and TDK, for example.

- The Gravediggers (or Clowns) are recurring jester characters in Shakespearean literature. The Gravedigger is the alias Sexton uses.

- He is mentioned as having been scarred by criminals who killed his wife. The Killing Joke origin is pretty much the same story.

Against the theory:

- Becoming a vigilante isn't exactly comparable to sanity. This would suggest he is either someone else or Joker is just doing this to later cause more chaos.

- If he really is convinced Batman is dead, there is no reason he would continue in these circles. It's more likely he would have gotten his appearance fixed and started over as a law-abiding citizen.

- The clues are a bit too obvious, suggesting a red herring.

- There are several other missing or mysterious characters who might be Sexton too. Riddler, for example.

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intresting theory

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@Theodore: You've got my head spinning. When I 1st heard this theory from you I was like "No friggan way!!!" But now i'm thinking that it is very possible.  Now if I was a betting man I wouldn't put money on it but i'm exited to see who Sexton is.
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Looks too buff to be the Joker or Mad Hatter. Gawd do they ever need to spice up Tetch & fekking DO something with him.
Some past stories lay no claim to the Joker really ever having a wife. If he did, I don't think he gives two snaps about her. Frankly, I believe that he would have killed every living person who could identify him. Plus, if that was the Joker, he always gets touchy about fake Batmen & Batman sidekicks.
Now I haven't been well caught-up in comics this year (damn video games), but there are other people who would need to cover every inch of themselves to avoid notice, like Killer Kroc.
But naturally, there is the question of where the fek is the real Joker? The girls have been asking me that since Christmas of 08. & what's with all the Joker imposters? (Gotham City Sirens, Arkham Reborn).

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Read Batman and Robin #12. In other words, YES!

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It would appear his face has been fixed (sort of speak).

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@Croaker said:
" It would appear his face has been fixed (sort of speak). "
He is Oberon Sexton. Just read Batman and Robin #12. (and I believe you intended to say "so to speak")
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Oh yes. Sorry. I is foreigner, so I make a mistake from time to time.

Indeed, what I meant that the appearance of his face as he reveals himself seems to indicate his facial scars have been fixed (the bullet hole and the Glasgow smile). Correct?

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Maybe, or maybe his smile got extended by removing the skin between it.

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I suspected it could be him, but after I saw that it was, I became doubtful it was really him.
Oberon is very muscular. Far more muscular than the Joker should be.
His scars were missing too.
I think the Joker would kill himself or go batshit insane if Batman actually died.  (His soundness of mind may be dubious, but his soundness of judgement & logical reasoning are unquestionable. He's obviously got acting skills & his charade of insanity keeps him alive).

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Wonder what's gonna happen next. I doubt Dick can haul his ass back to Arkham at the moment.

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I'm not so sure Joker is going to do anything bad. 
He seems to dislike Hurt and his companions. 

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So, when's the next issue coming?

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@Supreme Marvel said:
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Way to call that dude.
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Sorry to resurrect this, but I just realized a massive conflict and fault with Batman being Batman. The reason is that Joker would be the ultimate crime fighter. He could probably clean the goddamn world if he chose to.

After murdering Doctor Hurt, Joker did what I expected him to do, after getting the confirmation that he is Sexton; he was going to be a crime fighter.

Batman is the reason the Joker leans towards chaotic evil, but his "super-sane" aspect is that he is everything that Batman is, except for one thing; Batman has empathy. Batman remembers his origin; he is Bruce Wayne, the child of murdered parents. That trauma is the source of power behind his Almighty Will. The Joker has no idea who he used to be. For whatever reason, the only constant in his life is Batman. He does his thing because of Batman. There is his origin. Take that away and what do you have? Someone who lost the thing that made him what he is. The only logical conclusion is to fill that person's place.

If Batman wasn't around, The Joker would do everything the way he does. He would go through the training and focus that unique mind into a new goal. And I know this sounds insane, but he would probably follow the no-kill rule. Notice how he declares his intention to be a good guy right after burying Hurt? I think that's because it was his last thing to do as the Killer Clown persona before wiping the slate blank. And he had to do it because he believed Hurt killed Batman and was therefore a threat to him as future Batman (and maybe avenge his death). If he was interested in someone like Jason Todd, who kills in the name of what he perceives justice, he would kill as a crimefighter too. But everything about Batman is what fascinates the Joker. So I bet he was going to do everything the way he did.

This brings me to my original point. Bruce Wayne is a polymath genius and a master strategist. But do you think he would be able to all these:

a) Escape from the Slab in a matter of days

b) Make a horde of lunatics and criminals, most of them super-powered, into his pawns

c) Bring the whole world to a complete ruin after this in a short time


I don't think so. Because his mind isn't quite in the dimension the Joker's is. No one's is. That's the reason Joker would be more effective. And that's the reason Bruce Wayne is doing his crusade a disservice by doing what he does, instead of being just Bruce Wayne. But of course with all the blood in Joker's hands, it's too late for that. But had Batman never stepped up and appeared in the Joker's radar, he wouldn't have reason to become what he could be if not for his endless malice.

Now you're probably thinking that "Joke-Batman" would need a Joker? But here's the thing; both of them are completely unique. Batman and Joker. There will never be more exactly like them and the Joker knows that. So, like a deductive Batman, he removes that out of the equation as unnecessary. This, in turn, suggests that Batman doesn't "need" the Joker as his nemesis, as is often suggested.

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