Injustice: Gods Among Us - Batgirl Confirmed + KILLING JOKE Joker Skin

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I was totally bummed when I heard Batgirl would be the 2nd DLC character, but now I'm actually kind of stoked.

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not as bad as i thought she'd be but i'm still not picking her up. just gonna wait quietly for characters i actually want first.

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@krypton_: Well I'm pretty sure it's Kimberly Brooks, who played Kathy DeQuesne in Mystery of the Batwoman and Barbara in the Arkham Series. Cassandra Cain wasn't in Mystery of the Batwoman.


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Killing Joke Pack? What costumes aside from the jokers summer one could they do that wont be so similar to the ones they have already.? Happy with this version of batgirl by the way.

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Her costume isn't that bad..

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Did anyone else notice the "Killing Joke Pack Sold separately"?

Which would include 3 skins? like Bad Girls and Teen Titans skin pack.

  1. Joker
  2. ?
  3. ?
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Was more in tune to watching the panels of Killing Joke to be honest, but it is kinda nice being able to have a chance at vengeance on Killing Joke Joker in the game. Good stuff!

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They should do another Deathstroke skin but get it as close as they can to Deadpool. Now that would be karma. :)

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I still think Azrael needs to be in this game, there are no fire-related characters and his fighting style could be SO UNIQUE. He's perfect for the game,

Besides him they need Zatanna and Darkseid. Another cool addition would be to have two advanced costumes for Superman and Flash (of Bizarro and Zoom) that would change their effects (red lightning for zoom, Fire breath and Ice beam effects for Bizarro) It'd be quick, easy, and it'd add a cool twist to those characters if they did it right.

Most of all I just hope they don't loose sight of the purpose of the game: for players to play out the iconic dream battles they've always wanted in a fantastic, over-the-top battle.


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Killing Joke Joker looks awesome and Batgirl seems pretty good, maybe there's still hope for Zod and Scorpion.

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the costume looks like the 60s batgirl put an armored batman suit over her own, bulky and awkwardly fitted. love the voice though and some of her attacks are cool especially the "teleport" via smoke bomb. so ninja

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Again I say I want Black Canary.

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@blkson: martian manhunter is going to be dlc since everybody wants him me personally i would prefer they bring in booster gold every fighting game nreds a jhonny cage kinda guy

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while I am not happy with the narrow field or Bat Family characters, he play style looks great. I just want Zatanna, give me some backwards magic. That and a Cassandra Cain and Kate Kane skin for the latest addition.

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Killing Joke skin and Batgirl OMG YES

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@blkson: martian manhunter is going to be dlc since everybody wants him me personally i would prefer they bring in booster gold every fighting game nreds a jhonny cage kinda guy

haha was about to say the same thing, Cage and Booster are sooo much alike it's scary...

@mcbean said:

@vaeternus: Agree

Yep, thanks :)

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I wan't Martian Manhunter!

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Meh, Batgirl looks boring and she sounds EXTREMELY annoying

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