how to get rid of the joker

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kill him, make him a black lantern, make him a villain of the green lantern corps comics, big story arc involving the human lanterns and batman to defeat a super powered joker, indigo tribe comes and takes him away to be one of them.

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Like this!!!

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Just use a bullet. The End.

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or this!

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The bat-jail.  Batman has the space, resources and manpower to easily  incarcerate a handful of individuals he believes are beyond redemption.

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How to get rid of The Punisher.

Like this

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Let Superman do what Sentry did to Ares.

Let Diana do what she did to Maxwell Lord.

Let that Bus Driver who uppercut that girl have a go with him.

Transport him to Ser Gregor's house.

Let him star in the last adaptation of Twilight, thus losing his credibility, and fan-base, thus, being killed off as per request of fans.

Let Loeb handle his career.

Force him to watch re-runs of The Real Housewives of Jersey and Jersey Shore repeatedly until he is driven sane.

Just a few ideas.

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This works!

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1) Be rival criminal

2) Hire Deadshot

3) ???

4) Profit!

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@evilvegeta74: Yep, it sure does. It works for Joker to bitch slap the little brat and teach him a lesson. Joker is a masochist so hitting him just makes him laugh. Joker was letting the little idiot hit him so he could bleed his toxic blood on him. Joker can escape being tied up as well as Batman. And my favorite part? Where Joker tells him "You even brought your own crowbar." Damion got a serious beating and continued the wonderful tradition of "Robin: The Boy Hostage"

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I don't want to get rid of Joker...

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@Imagine_Man15: Me either! The entire DCU would be pointless with out him. Might as well shut down the company and stop publishing

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One way or the other!

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@evilvegeta74: Two Face eventually lost that conflict. Joker got the last laugh.

Godzilla is Joker's friend and ally! Which makes Joker even more invincible! Joker can never be killed or gotten rid of. He always comes back. Like Solomon Grundy.

Because Joker's greatest super power is: MERCHANDISING! As long as he makes a fortune for DC, he is can not be killed..

As it says of The Joker in the end of Azzereloo's graphic novel Joker

"A disease. One that has been around longer than Gotham. The city infected.A disease older than any city. Hell, it probably built the first one.There will ALWAYS be a Joker. Because there is no cure. No cure at all. Just a Batman."

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that is why my idea works so well, it provides DC with a multi series event that can last for a few months. he isn't killed and isn't put in a prison that he can escape. it lets DC shelve the joker and bring him out for when its special.

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@sunhawk: In theory, yes. There is nothing in your proposal that couldn't be made to work.

But I'd hate to see Joker treated like just one of the mindless thralls like that. During The White Angel's first appearance he said to Joker. "You're the exception." And Joker replied. "Yes, I always am."

And that's a truth that is persistent in many Joker stories. Especially when it comes to cosmic or magical/ spiritual aspects. I's almost like some higher power makes The Joker the way he is and keeps him going cause he serves some purpose. Perhaps Joker has to be so Batman can exist. To balance each other out.

I think Joker would be immune to the Indigo tribes power. Just like he was to The Specter's powers, Raven's powers, resistance and eventually immune to Martian Headhunter's mind powers, and that angel that was working with the JLA for a time. ( I forgot the angels name.)

Joker was noticeably absent during The Blackest Night story line. Possibly because he would end up with a green lantern ring if you think about it. His imagination and will power are second to none.

So yes, it could work, But it would take away a lot of what makes The Joker work, in my opinion. Unless he was faking it and planning on working against The Indigo tribe from with in. Working to restore all the lunatics to their true selves. THAT could be an interesting twist.

And as I said, I don't want to get rid of The Joker, and neither do a lot of other fans.

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@evilvegeta74 said:

Like this!!!

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