how good a hero would the joker be?

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i just had a thought while reading batman and robin #16. Joker said it himself that he'll fight crime which i think for him is the ultimate joke.  
So i'm just curious, how good a hero would the joker be?  

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lol why's that?  
he's smart. he's got good detective skills. and he can fight as well. 

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anti hero maybe...he'd certainly give red hood a run for his money in the whole murderous hero business...I think it'd be great to see him do it for awhile...he'd have to give it his own spin, make each bad guy/criminal he takes down into a "great" gag...

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I can see him do it to mess with Batman. He'd be at the crime scene beating the sh*t outta the bad guy and then Batman would show up and be like "...Wtf are you doing?"

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yeah, he would be quite an anti-hero. his main strength will be his unpredictability. lol 

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Well there is a heroic counterpart the Jokester. And in The Batman animated series he actually became Batman because he was sick of losing and went around attacking citizens for minor crimes like being out after dark, jaywalking and littering.

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man, Batman is NOT gonna be happy when he sees all of these Jokers....
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well The way he Killed  The Black glove and Dr. Hurt is as close as he will ever get.
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The Jokester is the version of him that he is good unfortunately DC had not did a good job showing him. The only version I saw worked was when he was the red hood in the cartoon Batman the Brave and the Bold.    

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shitty hero.... he would

"acidentally" kill everybody    

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