Help out a returning Joker fan, please

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I'm returning to comics after a hiatus. ( Got laid off and had to cut back on everything). My main interest in comics is following The Joker stories. Now that I am employeed again i'd like to catch up on the good stuff I missed out on.
The last time I saw Joker he was leaving Arkham after the black Glove incident. Damion forced the ambulance off the bridge ( of course Joker made it to safety off camera.)
So, with all the various titles and such since then, can anyone recommend which back issues/ future titles to collect? I did not see any sign of him in the battle for the cowl or Blackest Night promos.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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In all honesty you haven't really missed much !!! Joker kinda vanished when Batman died, he recently re-appeared in Batman and Robin Issue 13, I would suggest reading Batman and Robin to get your Joker Fix.

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"My Joker fix". Heh I love it.
Thanks for the good news, too. I had read Joker had been hunting down the members of The Black Hand Society, and was wondering what issues had been telling that story. 'm also surprised Joker had nothing to do with the Darkest Night stories. Seeing as he is VERY strong willed and, in a dark way, is creativity and imagination personified,  I thought he would get a green lantern ring or something.
I just ordered Batman and Robin #13 through #16, and subscribed to the title. Any more appreances I should know, or do those issue cover his revenge against The Black Glove?
Thanks again.

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might want to get signed up for batman europa...

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@Sydpart2 said:
" might want to get signed up for batman europa... "
it has Batman and Joker teaming up
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THANKS! I did not know that, I'll add it to my subscriptions right away. Thanks again everyone.

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