Has the name Jack Napier been used in any of the comics?

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Jack Napier was used as Joker's original name in the 1989 Batman movie and presumably in the movie adaptation comic. Has it ever been used in any other comics?
Joker's page lists other aliases including Jack White, Joe White, Melvin White and Joe Kerr. Which comics are they from?

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Just random comics over the years. I remember Joseph Kerr was in going sane, but that's the only specific one I can recall. But Napier was only used in the movie and comic adp. it might have been used from time to time after batman 89 as a nod to the film. I know that he was called Jack in lovers and madmen...jack comes up a lot.

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It was also used in the animated series.And the return of hush mentioned his name was Jack but no mention being made of a last name.And the story  On a Beautiful Summers Day used the last name of Napier.

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I guess that means it has been used!

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@Misterwizz said:
" I guess that means it has been used! "
Really?  So far there's a lot of references to Jack without the Napier... but Jack could be a generic term like Bud or Guy.  Which are both also names.   
@nightwing91 said:
"And the story 'On a Beautiful Summers Day' used the last name of Napier. "
Don't suppose they used the name Jack as well, though?
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@xerox-kitty: No just the name Napier in one short story, and another used the name Jack,but not together.But the stories are from The Further Adventures of the Joker, that I'm pretty certain is not cannon, cause one of the story had the joker being Leslie Thompkins son or something like that.

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