has jokers name ever been said

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i want to know
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in canon no.

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Yes. A few times, but ever since the newer movies they claimed that the name he used to use was an alias. His name was Joseph Kerr. Joe Kerr. They said in it the Knigthfall story arc when Joker was escaping from Arkham. And a few times before that. In a flash back issue where it shows what happened to the Joker's wife after he fell into the chemicals in the Red Hood costume (the chemicals that made him Joker) she calls him Joe. Then they started claiming that Jack Napier was his name. Then they claimed that they were all just aliases.

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Jack White is an infamous alias of him, but why do you want to know his identity? I hope we never find out.

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jack napier was his real name in the tim burton movie and animated series

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 Sorry, I made a mistake. In the flashback his wife Jeannie calls him Jack. Issue 54 of Batman: Gotham Knights. 

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Yes. He is called Thomas Aquinas. 

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Yes. I believe he is referred to as "The Joker"...

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@spider-pig23 said:
" Yes. I believe he is referred to as "The Joker"... "
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he has given several aliases, non of which can be assumed as real.
Joe Kerr is a fake name
Jack Napier is non canon
so is the billions of others, his real name is still unknown, and should stay that way

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@spider-pig23 said:
" Yes. I believe he is referred to as "The Joker"... "
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Alan Moore says Jack Napier and that's his name

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@Caligula said:
" in canon no. "
             I don't even think he has a real name other then Joker.
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Since Napier is a for-real last name & it's a pun on jackanape, it would be as clever a name as Harley's, but he has no canon "every man" name, but damn if he doesn't have more nicknames than anyone. In Lovers & Madmen, they stuck with Jack, but gave him no last name. 
I guess if he somehow managed to destroy all records of his past (like he conviniently has no living friends, relatives, or acquaintances  who can identify him), then there wouldn't be any harm in giving him that name for good.

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don't want to ever find out his name.....it would ruin the character.

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@reaper2923 said:

" Alan Moore says Jack Napier and that's his name "

Ummm, when has Alan Moore ever said that?  The Killing Joke, which was written in 1988, excisted before Tim Burton's Batman, where the Joker first received the name Jack Napier.  As a matter of fact, the name Jack Napier is created through the use of the surname of actor Alan Napier, who had played Alfred in the 1960s series, and the first name of Jack Nicholson.
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They didn't even mention his name in Killing Joke..

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And if they did, the Joker's origin in the Killing Joke is deliberately ambiguous. 
"Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another. If I'm to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!"

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I'm totally cool with his first name being Jack. In fact, it kinda suits him. But I could give a rat's a** over what his last name is.

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His most used alias is Joe Kerr

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The Joker´s real name is Anonymous. 

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In some adaptations his real mane was Jack Napier.
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Someone wrote the Justice League episode "Eclipsed" under the name "Joseph Kerr".  I wonder whose pseudonym that is?

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Well, in Batman The Animated Series in "Dreams in Darkness" they call The Joker Jack Napier.... And I thought that show was canon....

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His real name's either Jack Napier or Joseph Kerr.

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@video_martian: "Jack" was confirmed in Batman Confidential, but the Joker still has no last name. Napier was a clever faux name, borrowed by reversing Melvin Reipan's last name & as a pun on Jackanape.

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I know his real name. It all makes sense now. Joker hasn't been around for 75 years only roughly 74. in fact he only appeared in Batman Issue 1 not Detective Comics 27 yet they are still saying that he's been around for as long as the Dark Knight himself. So it's obvious who he really is. Let's go back to the Bat's first villain. Alfred Stryker. The man fell into a chemical, acidic tub and knowing Batman's no killing policy means he had to of survived. Know anyone else who fell into a chemical tub? The Red Hood leader who is thought of being the Joker. So would it make sense that Alfred Stryker is the Joker's real name?

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No. There's a reason my file at Arkham lists my last name as "Quinzel".

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Rory B. Bellows

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