Does Joker know he's a comic book character???

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In various ways, he's been talking to the audience saying," Don't try this at home kids!" Or "Better not miss this!" A perfect example is JOker's asylum, where he's basically talking to you....about arkham asylum! if he knows...and is ranting about it, no wonder why he's in arkham. Do any of you think it would be cool if he stated that and made a short mini-series of everybody not beliving him, so he tries to prove it? I don't know about you but in my book that would be AWESOME. I think that would reaaly bring out how much joker acully does make sense sometimes. The fact that nobody belives could be the joke, and the punchline is the fact that they will never 'die' because of it. Couldn't you imagine Batman's face when joker explains it to him?!?! It would be hilarous.
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Only person aloud to break 4th wall in DC is Star Boy and Lobo other wise I get pissed 

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I think he might've broke the 4th wall at LEAST once. Says so in one of the online bio's (if not here, then try wikipedia. or dc database.)

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@Son_of_Magnus said:
" Only person aloud to break 4th wall is Star Boy and Lobo other wise I get pissed  "
And occasionally Deadpool or She-Hulk.
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@PrinceIMC said:
" @Son_of_Magnus said:
" Only person aloud to break 4th wall is Star Boy and Lobo other wise I get pissed  "
And occasionally Deadpool or She-Hulk. "
I meant to say in DC
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This is in Rogue forum why?

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@eldestrisk said:

" This is in Rogue forum why? "


 @The Devil himself: I'm pretty sure they said at some point that he has something like "super sanity" which gives him the clarity to even realize he's a comic book character (and results in his other insane antics).
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@Mediant:  Ok then. xD
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I'm struggling to comprehend how & why this was put in the Rogue forum :p

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Joker is prone to showmanship related bravado.
The only DC character who is aware that he's in a comic book (not necessarily 4th wall style) is Ambush Bug.  Bug can even see the 'floating head' that is used to suggest Firestorm's collective mind.

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Well I guesss its still a mystery. But from my piont od view, joker really doesn't care. Oh, and sorry for putting it in the rouges file. Didn't know, and they moved it so its not a problem now.
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He breaks the 4th wall and addresses the reader directly in the Joker's Asylum series, but that isn't unique to him. He does crack the 4th wall from time to time, but I don't think he's aware of it. Like he'll say something that has to do with actual reality but isn't showing any kind of ability to comprehend that he isn't in actual reality.

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I'm pretty sure he's comprehending it when he grabs his own speech bubble.

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He does break it, but only insofar as a way of being a narrator. He doesn't break it in the context of the story. So he more bends the fourth wall.

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@The Devil himself:  it tells you on wikipidia and other sites that he can break the fourth wall. in batman tas Mad Love he is whisteling his own theme song and as you say in Jokers wild he said "dont try this at home kids." also in the comic Salvation run 6 when he is about to fight Lex Luthor he sais "close your eyes little ones, this could get ugly." he then , after he thinks batman is dead in Going Sane sees no point in continuing to be mad and live a life of crime as he seems to have no purpous, as if he knows a villan needs an arch enemy in any good story, but  when he finds out batman is still alive he decides to be mad and evil again. He also grabbed his own speech bubble.
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And back in the 70's in Detective Comics "The Sign of The Joker" and "The Laughing Fish" story line, he had a whole page of stepping up to speak directly to the readers and even turned the page for you as he bowed and tipped his hat. In his own run of comic books he spoke directly to the reader. There was also an annual or some collection of short stories, wish I could remember the issue, where he hit the nail on the head. He looked directly at the reader and talked ot them and explained he knew we were here. that he does it for his fans and appreciates us, cause we get him. He also says since he is the only one in the book who knows it is all just a story, he gets The Joke. Where as the other don't.
I'm going to have to dig that issue up so I can quote my source.

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It seems to depend on the writer.

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@Fatal: Indeed. In fact, a lot of who The Joker is, what he does, and what is "true" or not "true" about him changes per writer or even what mood the writer is in.
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He does a little bit with the help of Mxyzptlk's powers.
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If he did he would be breaking the 4th wall like Deadpool.

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Please excuse my ignorance, but, where exactly did the Joker grab his own balloon (no genital pun intended)? And has this happened more than once? 
[I am wondering purely in what regards the comics, not other mediums, i.e. animation, live action films, etc] 

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im with christopherwalken ive totally missed the part where he grabbed his own speech bubble..?

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I'm sure this will put all ambiguity to rest:

I think flipping the page for the reader is a solid "yes".

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I just thought he was crazy. Hope he doesn't that will destroy DC. That important of a character knowing its all fake would be horrible.

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The Joker says he has an audience

The Joker talks to his audience

Taken from Batman 80 page giant 2010

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