does joker have any of his own comics or something of that nature

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Are there any comic book specials or any ingeneral joker comics that are entirly focused on him? Almost like a "from his perspective" type of thing

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He used to have his own on going, and there have been several minis that he was the main character in

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Best joker graphic novel 
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I really do not remember where it was, but there was a short story, where he was the main character (the only time in mainstream universe where he ever had and though bubbles). The Joker by Brian Azzarello is not really a Joker comic, its more like a character study of how he would be in real world.

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Joker had his own series in the 1970s, but lasted only 9 issues. Here are the numbered issues:

  • The Joker #1 (May 1975): “The Joker’s Double Jeopardy”
  • The Joker #2 (July 1975): “The Sad Saga of Willie the Weeper!”
  • The Joker #3 (October 1975): “The Clown Prince of Crime vs. The Creeper!”
  • The Joker #4 (November-December 1975): “A Gold Star for the Joker!”
  • The Joker #5 (February 1976): “The Clown Prince of Crime Battles the Royal Flush Gang!”
  • The Joker #6 (March-April 1976): “Sherlock Stalks the Joker”
  • The Joker #7 (June 1976): “Co-Starring Lex Luthor”
  • The Joker #8 (July-August 1976): “The Scarecrow’s Fearsome Face-Off”
  • The Joker #9 (September-October 1976): “The Cat and the Clown””

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Oh, and he has been in multitude of series of his own and as guest star in other titles. For a comprehensive list of Joker appearnces in every media, visit my site and check out the Joker bibliography. Hope that gives you an idea of where Joker has been up to the last 80 years.

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