Best Joker comics that don't have his name in the title?

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Here's one no one's asked before.

What are the best comics the Joker has been in where his name is not mentioned in the title?

Bonus points if you can name any comics as dark as Arkham Asylum, even though I hated the art & couldn't read the Joker's font....

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The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke

The best Joker comic by far...

nothing else even compares

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Meh, I've already got that one. Though I do hate Robin.

 "Going Sane," I didn't like that one until the very end.

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likalaruku said:
"Meh, I've already got that one. Though I do hate Robin.

what does Robin have to do with The Killing Joke?

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  • The killing joke
  • Arkham Asylum
  • The Man who laughs
  • Death in the family
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You like the Elseworld?
Then go for Batman: Bloodstorm!

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Superman/Batman: Vengeance

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The Clown at Midnight. Frikin awesome, one of the best. 
Batman: Harley Quinn  
I can't think of any others that don't kinda' suck, but those are really good.

And you didn't like the art in Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth? You must be raped by bears if that's actually true.

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@Adlyn Armon:
Meh, I didn't like it really either. Besides Joker, i couldn't make out who was who. I mean its good for the story ifself but..yeah not my favorite.
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The best ever comic with the joker in is slayride! I actually laughed, a lot!

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