Anyone else getting tired of the Joker?

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Remember back in 2008, before TDK hit theatres...Joker was barely in the comic books (he didn't even make any appearance on Dini's run) and didn't show up in RIP until the last couple of books...remember back then how glad you were to see that the Joker was back in comics and fight the Bat once more?

Then TDK came out...and Heath Ledger gave a great performance of the Joker (I personally prefer Jack Nicholson's take on the Joker). But since then, everyone from annoying TDK fanboys to DC writers have used him SO much - even expanding into video games as's Joker this that and the other.

It's been a bit much, and there ARE other characters out there that aren't just the Joker.

What do you guys thinkl? Am I just being a party-pooper, or are some of my points valid...

...oh, and if I hear another Heath Ledger's Joker impression I think I'm going to die...

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what comics have you been reading?? tdk hasnt influenced at all joker's appearances in the comics. but yeah they always use him excesively on other mediums (games, cartoons)

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Is he really even used that much? I don't think he is.

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@John Valentine: Relative to other characters, I think so...

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I only read good Bat books, so whenever he does feature he's handled well.

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I know what you meant culturally, but in the pages Joker hasn't been in a player in a bat or other comic book for over 7 months... the last time we saw him was just the remains of his face anyways. TDK fanboys dressing as the Joker are no more tedious than those that dress as Deadpool for me though. Also, Joker's video game participation was totally worth it for the story conclusion.

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I'm sure your not the only one. And I can understand what you mean. I myself don't want to see him overused to the point of losing his impact. When Joker shows up he should be the ultimate threat, not just another Batman villain. That's hard to do when he is around so much it becomes almost a non event.

That being said, I'm no where near tired of him and never would be if he was in every title. I'd just be tired of the bad writing that would probably result from so many people writing for him so much. I made the decision to not read any thing DC is putting out till Joker shows up again. Not an indignant boycott or anything like that. Just a financial decision. He's the reason I read Dc comics, so I'm saving my comic budget till then. I'm sure Parliament of Owls is a fun read but it's not what I'm interested in.

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@TheJokerha: Come now...don't swear off all of DC just because the Joker is not appearing. Many years ago, I used to be like you, only reading DC because of Batman, and only reading Batman, but once I started exploring other characters, it's been much better - so many interesting stories and characters out there.

Especially with the n52 - as you can tell by my avatar, I'm impressed with Aquaman, and Green Lantern has also been a wonderful read.

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I'll probably pick stuff up in collective trades. I've heard good things about the new 52. I'd really like to be reading the new JLA. It's more like I'm having to swear off comics till my finances are better. I've been collecting comics for 30 years and sometimes have to pace myself. But my collection is varied, no worries.

.There ARE a lot of interesting characters out there and if I let myself get sucked in, the checks for the house payment or the car insurance bounces.

But Joker is the one character I make an exception for, no matter what. He doesn't show up enough to make a dent in the pocket book like collecting all new 52 would, or even all Batman titles.

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@TheJokerha: Just make sure you check it out! Though the Joker doesn't feature in the 'Batman' title - the story has been outstanding since issue 1

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Not at all. Since DC has started taking him more seriously (pun not intended) he's been better than ever. Arkham Asylum's Joker was absolutely magnificent, and comics seem to be more closely mirroring him than TDK Joker. On the subject of TDK, it was a great flick and I've seen it like five times, but I'm glad that version of Joker has mostly moved on.

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@LordMaverick said:



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He has not been used that much in the New 52 yet

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He have barely been there in the new 52.

I agree, that when it come to games/cartoons etc. he is used a lot. But i dont agree on in the comics.

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no, i'm not

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Not at all.

Am i the only one that have noticed, how much dc has been using Penguin and to some degree Scarecrow in the new 52?

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Not really but I know what you mean, I love the character but I'm glad DC seems to be taking a break from him at the moment, since he's been missing in the New 52

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well.... no... except maybe .... no

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If were referring to media other than comics I'm waaaaaaaaay more sick of Catwoman than him. But if you mean in comics I haven't seen him for months......and I'm still more sick of Catwoman than him

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I'm getting sick and tired of Batman nowadays...

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I could never be tired of the Joker.

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@sinestro_GL: Joker showed in Dini's run about a year and a half before the movie came out. Detective Comics 826 where Joker kidnaps Robin and they go drive around the during Christmas time. It gave us this amazing scene:

As long as the Joker is written well, I don't believe I'll ever be sick of him...

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I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Snyder has planned for the Joker, I hope he uses him sometime soon as his run on Batman is currently amazing.

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Oh how I couldn't resist sharing this.

Loading Video...
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Joker? No. Catwoman? Yes.

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@Kastiel said:

Joker? No. Catwoman? Yes.
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Why is everyone sick of Catwoman? I haven't read any other Batman comic other than Batman and Robin. But why is she getting so much hate?

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@sinestro_GL: As long as the Joker is written well, I don't believe I'll ever be sick of him...

This. And:


Why is everyone sick of Catwoman? I haven't read any other Batman comic other than Batman and Robin. But why is she getting so much hate?


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As a character he is great, but he can get stale at times

but in terms of overall importance he is only as popular as batman is relevant

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Actually yes I agree with you somewhat. In the comics the Joker is not overused considering he's been gone from the new 52 dc universe for almost a year now and someone is finally bringing him back. In other media, however, especially video games they sure are using him too much. With the exception of Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, Batman Begins, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and the video game adaptations of batman returns and the joel schumacher Batman movies, the Joker has appeared in almost every Batman video game. Personally I hope they use some other characters in future video games, like after the release of The Dark Knight Rises let Bane be the villain that the video game focuses on whereas he's only been used as the guest star in games like the Batman Arkham series and Lego Batman series. I think it would be really cool if they made a game for the Secret Six.

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YES! Although, I do like the Joker a lot. Maybe I'm not so much tired of him as much as I'm tired of Joker fanboys...

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I think Joker is not the problem. The thing is that Bat Universe has too many maniacs so it can get a bit tiring. In order to stand out from that whole bunch of freaks, Joker has to be crazier then all of them together, what makes his story-arcs be huge, decisive and/or remarkable.

It doesn't please everyone.

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I've been bored with him for years now.

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the Joker hasn't been the main character in an arc for years....sure he appeared in Detective Comics #1 and a little bit in R.I.P. but he hasn't been the main villain since the Last Laugh

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@MTHarman said:

I don't get tired with the Joker when it comes to media as along as Mark Hamill is voicing him.

Oh how I couldn't resist sharing this.

Loading Video...

The Dark Knight ruined the Joker. Everything surrounding that Joker is irritating.

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Nah son joker is my dude yo.

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One thing that has always ruined the joker for me is the image of him at the salon getting his hair dyed and in the bathroom doing his make up before he goes on a rampage. For a character that is so insane and detached from reality he sure does spend a lot of time on his appearance...

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@TDK_1997: me too

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Am I getting tired of the Joker?

Hell no. Bring on the clown.

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I'm looking forward to seeing what Snyder does with Joker.

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